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Stella & Dot Introduces Tops

Stella & Dot Tops

Stella & Dot Introduces Tops

Stella & Dot Introduces Tops! Yes, I am serious. While tunics have been available for awhile now, there is an entire line of stylish tops.

I am wearing the Lela Tunic in an xs today. I especially love the embroidering in a navy color and how much it pops off the white. The top is lined so need to wear anything under and has a side zipper.

I would say that this top is true to size, maybe a touch on the larger size. This does have a bohemian feel so a bit loose works with the look. The fabric is polyester, which typically I stay away from. However, the top still feels nice and is flowy.

The only negative I have for this top is that it wrinkled easily and I am terrible with clothes that wrinkle. I like basic laundry instructions and easy care so delicates make me pout a bit and end up hanging out in the laundry basket for months before being washed.

All-around. Cute top that is stylish and comfortable. I love the look and that I can wear it with my favorite jeans very casually or dress it up for a date night. I will be buying more Stella & Dot tops in the future!

Get the whole look!

Top : Stella & Dot Lela Tunic

Arm party : Melody | Gold Knot Cuff | Pave Disc Cuff | Renegade Cluster

Other jewelry : Asher Earrings | Wishing Necklace | Rebel Pendant 

Jeans : Lucky Brand flare (similar, mine are an older style)

Shoes : Lucky Brand Shayna Booties

Glasses : Loft Slim Round Sunglasses

Shop with me at Stella & Dot!

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12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

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12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

This shop has been compensated by CollectiveBias, Inc. on behalf of its advertiser, ZonePerfect. #MyLittleWins #CollectiveBias

I’m a mom with two young children and working out isn’t always on my daily agenda. Going to the gym for an hour isn’t even a possibility! The 12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms is a quick, yet efficient workout you can do at home without any equipment to take a moment to help you take care of yourself.

Interested in finding these Zone Perfect® bars for your post workout snack? Hover over the photo to click through to and buy them!”

Moms have a tendency to take care of everyone else before themselves and neglect our health and body at times. This summer has been a time of neglect for myself. I have gained some weight and haven’t been eating the foods I should be. I am changing that now and making the time for me, even if it is just a few minutes a day!

It is time to start celebrating the Little Wins™ in everyday. What does this mean? I am going to focus on celebrating the little things! I am going to celebrate not battling my son to brush his teeth before bed, I am going to celebrate when my daughter uses the potty like a big girl, I am going to celebrate getting out of the house on time in the morning. Most importantly, I am going to celebrate taking care of ME.

Taking care of myself includes eating better and finding time 5 days a week for my 12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms. No more soda or empty calories from drinks, no more snacking on junk (especially after dinner), and no more making excuses on why I can’t workout.

To begin my new journey of taking care of myself again, I stopped by my local Walmart to grab some snacks that are high in protein to provide more energy throughout my chaotic days and curve any cravings. I came across these delicious ZonePerfect® bars at Walmart and they are just what I am looking for to accomplish my healthier eating goals. I picked up ZonePerfect® Cinnamon Roll and ZonePerfect® Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because it is cinnamon roll and cookie dough… winning! The cookie dough is ahhh-mazing by the way.

Visit ZonePerfect® for more inspiration on celebrating your daily Little Wins™ and make sure to enter the contest below!

#MyLittleWinsSweepstakes (8/4 to 9/12)

12 Minute Workout

Time to share my 12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms! Find time during your kids nap, although my kids actually taking a nap is a Little Wins™ all on it’s own. You can wake up 15 minutes early to get in a quick workout, have your spouse entertain the kids for a few moments, or schedule a certain time everyday no matter what your kids are doing.

When you have young kids running around, how in the world do you get in a workout? The second you decide to do something for you, someone needs to have a meltdown or has to poop or is suddenly starving. Set your kids up with some coloring books, have them read to themselves, sit them down with a snack or have them participate in your workout. I like having them participate! Set up a second yoga mat or even just a blanket as an area they must stay within as they workout with you and have them mimic all your moves. Blast some fun music. This can be a fun way to get your workout in and bond with your children.

You are going to need a space to set up. Moving the coffee table by the couch will be enough space for you and set down a yoga mat if you have one. Wear some cute workout clothes to get you motivated and grab a watch or timer. You will be doing each of the moves listed below for 60 seconds each.

  • Plank. Focus on your core and keeping a straight back. Engage your stomach muscles and hold for 60 seconds.
  • Side Plank 30 seconds each side. From the plank position, rotate your toes and pull up your arm straight in the air. Keep the abs engaged and hold. Squeeze your butt to keep you balanced.
  • Supergirl Lifts. Lay on your stomach and pull up your arms keeping the head aligned with the arms as you pull up your legs focusing on lifting with your thighs and tightening the butt. Go as high as you can without breaking form. Repeat for 60 seconds going slowly up and down.
  • Supergirl hold. At the top of your last supergirl lift, hold for 60 seconds.
  • V Push-ups. With your thumbs and index fingers, make a triangle shape with thumbs touching. Keep a straight back with head aligned, butt tight and core engaged. Do push-ups for 60 seconds focusing on good form. Form is more important the quantity. 5 perfect push-ups is better than 30 sloppy ones.
  • Jumping Jacks. Get that blood pumping for 60 seconds. Keep your core engaged throughout.


  • Squats. Place feet straight and shoulder width apart. As you squat, pull your arms straight ahead and horizontal with the floor. Sit back as far as you can keeping your feet flat on the floor. Always keep core engaged. Repeat for 60 seconds.
  • Wide Leg Squats. Point your toes out and widen your stance. Do squats for 60 seconds.
  • Wide Leg Squat hold. On your last wide leg squat, hold at the bottom for 60 seconds. Keep your arms straight and horizontal with floor, tighten the core area and keep head straight.
  • Flutter Kicks. Lay on your back on the floor with hands to your side. Lift your upper body without straining your neck and lift both legs. Focus on tightening those ab muscles and not creating any space between your back and the floor. Try and pull down your belly button to the floor. Slowly raise one leg higher than the other, then switch to make little kicks. Repeat for 60 seconds.
  • Crunches. Lay on your back and bend the knees. Pull up your head and shoulders with hands behind ears and pull up the legs slightly. Now, crunch for 60 seconds raising the upper body and knees simultaneously. Be careful not to use your hands to help lift the head. All lifting should come from your abdominals.

My 12 Minute Workout for Busy Moms is done. Time for a smarter snack option to keep my energy level up throughout the day to keep up with these kids! I’m grabbing a ZonePerfect® Cinnamon Roll and staying motivated to get my bod back in shape!

Remember, you deserve to spend time on YOU.

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Being a Stay at Home Mom : The Ultimate Blessing

Being a Stay at Home Mom : The Ultimate Blessing

Being a Stay at Home Mom : The Ultimate Blessing

I have been blessed so much in my life. I have 2 children a girl and a boy. There are 15 years between the 2 of them. They have been raised very differently from each other despite having the same mother. I was a working single mother when my daughter was little. Now, I’m a stay home mom with my son. This is the ultimate blessing, a dream come true for me.

Being a parent has its challenges whether you are working outside the home or a stay home mom. I am speaking from my experiences only. It is my purpose to tell you my story not to insult or say one is a better than the other. I recognize everyone is different.

Being a Stay at Home Mom : The Ultimate Blessing

Working Mom

My daughter is now 27 years old and is a mother herself. So much has changed from when she was little. I was single, working, and taking care of her then. I think that is all I could handle mentally and physically.

Was it hard?

At the time, I just did what I had to do. If anything came up, for example, how was I going to take care of her while she was on track break from school? I just somehow found a way. It just worked out. As I think back though, I don’t ever want to live like that again, ever. Heck yeah, it was hard, stressful, and lonely.

Mistakes I Made

Like I said earlier, I suffered physically. I was depressed, had thyroid problems, and was overweight. I never took any time out for myself. I did not have a hobby or any kind of extra interests. All I ever did was work, eat, sleep and take care of my daughter. I suffered and in ways so did she. Not that she was neglected but I could not handle anything extra.

She had friends, and she was healthy. We would occasionally have mini vacations. I know I tried to be the best mother I could be. I see all of this in hind sight. Do I feel guilty? Yes, but all in all I did what I thought was the best for her. I cannot change any of it, so let’s move on.

Things I wouldn’t Change

The biggest thing that got me through this chapter of my life was my parents. My mom and step father were a huge blessing to us then. When my daughter was first born they took care of her so I could go back to work. We somehow made it work until I was comfortable enough to let a babysitter take her. They took care of her for short periods of time off and on for most of her life until she was about 13 years old. Because of this, she had an unbreakable bond with them that I would never have given up for the world. I am pretty sure she would say the same thing.

For whatever reason, her dad and I were not meant to be, the fact she had a relationship with her father was so good for her. Like with most daughters and fathers they have had their ups and downs. But I truly think all children need to have a male figure in their life. I don’t care if they are a boy or girl, kids need a male perspective on life.


Stay at Home Mom

When I got pregnant with my son and knew I did not want to raise him without a partner so I married his father. Our marriage lasted only about a year and a half despite the fact I was very much in love with him. He was not the man he should have been. Before I was divorced I found my current husband. He is the man for me (for us) and as far as I am concerned he will always be.

My husband is the best thing to happen to my son and myself. We found a loving, generous, real man. We, the three of us, have been blessed. So much so I am able, for most of my son’s life, to be a stay home mom.

Comparing the Two

I can’t say one way is better than the other. I think my daughter turned out to be a fantastic responsible adult, wonderful mother who has a beautiful soul that shines brightly. I know I played a part in of how she turned out. My son needs me in different ways than my daughter did. It is because of their personalities more than anything else. My son and daughter are very different people. I truly believe the universe gave us what we needed when we needed it and still does.


I am now sharing the responsibility with someone. I am less stressed. I can and have grown as a person and a mother. I am doing things for my family I had always dreamed of doing, cooking, being able to send him off to school myself, being home when he gets home from school, seeing milestones of learning, teaching morals and responsibility myself to him and not leaving it up to someone else. These are just a few of the things I just LOVE about being a stay home mom (and wife).

When Momma is happy so is the family.

Thanks for stopping by.


Hi, Everyone! My name is Terri. I am super excited that Amber has allowed me to be part of Legging N’ Lattes (Don’t you just love the name!). I wear many hats. Along with being a late in life mom, grandma, wife, coffee addict, and Pinterest lover. I also blog at and offer Virtual Assistant services at TK the VA. The list could go on and on. But I won’t bore you.

If you enjoyed my story about my kids please leave a comment. Amber and I would love to hear from you.

Being a Stay at Home Mom : The Ultimate Blessing

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children


As a parent, the most important thing you will do in life is raise your children to become good people. To teach them respect, honesty, ethics, hard work and responsibility is your number one job. I believe in a strict household with rules and high expectations but I also believe that is crucial to build a strong bond that stems from laughter and fun. A strong bond takes time, patience, acceptance and enthusiasm. One day these little people won’t be your responsibility anymore and they will be building families of their own. I want my kids to remain my best friends forever and I want to share some tips and secrets to build that bond with your children.

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

Tips To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

Where do we start in the journey of creating that strong bond with your child? It starts day one. All those diaper changes, cuddling, feedings do more than just keep this tiny human alive. You are building trust amongst your children and showing them affection. The baby phase is the easiest time to build a bond but when they start having their own opinions on life and start to push you away for other activities or friends, is when it can be more difficult. Here are some tips to remain close to your children:

  • Remember that your child is their own person with their own beliefs and own interests. My son is really into academics and not the best athlete. My daughter is already on her way to be an athlete. They are complete opposites personality and interest wise. As a parent, you have to treat each child as an individual and learn to love what they love. Okay, well maybe you won’t love it all but learn to respect and support their interests. You want them to play football but all they talk about it chess club, let them join the chess club and learn to play yourself. If there is a chess event, attend it with them. Your child won’t be that ideal you had in your head the day they were born. You probably are not raising a professional football player (dad’s, I am talking to you) but if you show that constant SUPPORT towards their passions in life, they will grow into an even better person that you imagined. I believe that 100%.
  • One on one time goes a long way! If you have more than one child, this is a crucial thing you have to do to create that strong bond we all want. Give each child at least one hour every week of your undivided attention. By the way, put down your cell phone during these times! Here are some ideas:
    • Have a “date night” with your child. Let them pick a restaurant and have a meal together to talk and catch up. This does not have to be fancy. My son picked McDonalds for years and it was perfect. Ask them all about school and their friends. See if they need anything. Is there an event at school coming soon that they want to attend? A new sport they want to try? Do they need some new clothes? Give them the opportunity to talk to you one on one about anything and everything. This can include big important discussions like drug awareness or something little like what type of socks they need replaced. The goal is to make sure they know that this time is to talk about anything on their mind, big or small, and to ensure all their needs are being met.
    • Play a sport that they love. My son and husband both love golfing and is the perfect activity for them to get time together. Shoot some hoops at the park, play catch or kick a soccer ball. You can get some exercise in, have a little talk and come home chatting away about the friendly competition.
    • Go to the movie theater and let them pick the movie. Grab lot’s of snacks and enjoy just being next to each other. I like movie time because they get to choose a movie that they are interested in and there is always a good talk in the car afterwards about how awesome the movie was and why they liked it. This is important. You are learning about your child’s interests and what makes them laugh or have emotions towards.
    • Take them to the zoo, museum, amusement park, or aquarium. Somewhere that they have interest  in to walk around just the two of you! They love to point out certain things that catch their attention or share something that perhaps they learned in school recently that is relevant. This time is great because nobody is competing for your attention. You are there and completely focused on them.
    • Walk the dog around the neighborhood together. These one on one times don’t have to cost you a dime. Take a long walk together to talk and joke with each other.
  • Take time daily to talk. Ask how there day was when you pick them up from school or sit next to them as they are completing their homework to see if they need help with anything. Just a couple minutes every day to say hi and see what’s on their mind. Typically, it is a generic response of “fine” but sometimes there is something important on their mind that they want to discuss like a classmate that isn’t being very nice or a frustration they are having. I also like to sit down together as a family during dinner and everyone talks about their day for a moment. Ask everyone in the family what the best part of their day was. This gives your child the opportunity everyday to have “the floor” so to speak to voice their opinion.
  • Allow your child have their own opinion. Let them voice their opinions. Hear them out. Assure that you acknowledge what they are saying. You don’t have to agree with them. Hear out why your toddler needs to eat this entire bag of candy before bed. Hear out your teenager on why they believe they can stay out all night. Then, tell them why it is a big NO. The important part is hearing their opinion and reasoning, and acknowledging their thoughts on the topic. Sometimes, their opinions are good and you can agree. Sometimes, it is ridiculous. Either way, you are teaching them how to have a healthy conversation on a topic where both sides don’t agree (we could use more adults in the world with this skill).

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

Secrets To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

I gave you some of my best tips to build a stronger bond. My tips take patience, time and consistency. Now time for some of my secrets!

  • Share inside jokes with your children. Inside jokes aren’t just for the older kids either. Pay attention to what your kids are laughing about. Maybe everyone was dying laughing during a certain part of a movie. Take a home a quote from the movie and put it on repeat.
  • Be silly with your children. Build a blanket fort with them or play dress up. I don’t care if my child is 16 years old, we are totally building blanket forts! Why? Because it’s silly and fun. Learn to laugh with your children. Don’t always be on the outside observing; get in there and play, laugh, and bond.
  • Prank each other. Go all Ashton Kutcher on your kids and Punk them. Nerf gun wars are frequent in this household. Get into teams and turn the house into a war zone. My two year old even participates. Team up with the kids to get dad as he walks in the door from work even. This is 10 minutes out of your day and the kids are dying laughing and everyone has a moment of fun. We all like to scare each other too.  If I hear little feet coming my direction, I hide behind something and jump out when they are near. The kids always get me back! Just keep your pranks family friendly and safe!

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

Raising children is a hard job. Building a strong bond with your children doesn’t come without a lot of effort. I believe that you, the parent,  has to be the dictator in the household. Ultimately, you make the choices and guide your children to become a productive adult. Your children also need to have fun and express themselves. I want a bond with my children that will last forever. I want them to be happy adults by finding what it is that truly makes them happy in life. How do you play dictator and best friend as a parent? Find a balance! Set aside time for your children to speak their minds, give them one on one time, allow them find what they are passionate about in life but also stay strict.

These tips start from day one of your child’s life and continue throughout the teen years. Start today if you haven’t already and watch your relationship with your children blossom!

Share your best tips for building a stronger bond with your children in the comments below to share with the Leggings ‘N’ Lattes community!

Thank you JCS Modern Day Photography for your wonderful photography! 

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

How To Build A Stronger Bond With Your Children

30 Outrageous Blackberry Recipes

30 Outrageous Blackberry Recipes

30 Outrageous Blackberry Recipes

Blackberry Recipes galore! I have a real love for blackberries. In smoothies, desserts, drinks or to eat plain or garnish a beautiful dish. Some people are getting into the Fall season already but not me! I am rounding up the best Blackberry Recipes to share with you all and they are quite perfect for the summer and going into the holiday season.


Blackberries and Cream Slider Doughnuts from Certified Pastry Aficionado. These look gorgeous and delicious!

[Click HERE for recipe]


No Churn Blackberry Ice Cream from Cincy Shopper.

[Click HERE for recipe]


Blackberry Honey Butter from Our Family of Seven. I want to take a big bite of that bagel right now! Don’t you?

[Click HERE for recipe]


Fresh Blackberry Mini Pies from An Italian In My Kitchen. These are just so darn cuuute.

[Click HERE for recipe]


Blackberry Lemon Mint Julep from Striped Spatula. Refreshing and perfect summer drink.

[Click HERE for recipe]


Blackberry Lime Cupcakes with Lime Frosting from A Cookie Named Desire. Get in my belly!

[Click HERE for recipe]


Frozen Blackberry Lemonade from The Kolb Corner. Someone bring this to me now!

[Click HERE for recipe]


Honeydew Melon and Blackberry Salad from Shiny Happy Bright.

[Click HERE for recipe]


Blackberry Cake from Preppy Kitchen. I used this cake recipe last Mother’s Day and it is gorgeous!

[Click HERE for recipe]


More Blackberry Recipes

Blackberry Crumb Bars from Serena Bakes.

Tangerine Blackberry Ice Pops from Mama Likes to Cook.

Blackberry Bourbon Crush from Syrup and Biscuits.

Blackberry Muffins from Syrup and Biscuits.

Blackberry Refrigerator Jam recipe from Ann’s Entitled Life.

Blackberry Passion Tea Lemonade from Ashley Brooke Nicholas.

Fried Blackberry Hand Pies from the Tip Toe Fairy.

Blackberry Cheesecake from Moore or Less Cooking.

Fresh Blackberry Mango Mojito from Diary of a Debutante.

No Bake Light Cream Cheese Berry Cheesecake from An Italian In My Kitchen.

Blackberry Prosecco Mojitos from A Cookie Named Desire.

Blackberry Almond Milk Smoothie from Midwest Modern Momma.

Gluten Free Berry Crisp from My Wife Can Cook.

Blackberry Cobbler from The Kolb Corner.

Blackberry Cream Cheese Danish from The Country Chic Cottage.

Blackberry Sorbet from Small Town Woman.

Blackberry Coconut Fat Bombs from Low Carb Yum.

Blackberry and Pistachio Cake Squares from All She Cooks.

Fresh Blackberry Lemonade from Wanna Bite.

Blackberry Martini with Coconut Rum from Healing Tomato.

Blackberry Coffee Cake from Joy Filled Eats.



Date Night with a Twist

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Date Night with a Twist

The husband and I just had an amazing Date Night with a Twist! With two young children at home and jobs and family and friends and the everyday chaos, we really don’t get out much. Time with just us two is slim to non existent. I found a really fun way to bring date night back with Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a Twist is a painting studio with locations all over the country. There are 2 hour classes offered with numerous types of classes from Luau Night, which is what we attended, to paint your pet and classes for children or even date nights. You can also hold private events like Birthday Parties or employee bonding out of the office.

Check out Painting with a Twist and find a location near you!


I am far from an artist. My husband has a little more skill than me in this department but you don’t have to be an artist to attend a class with painting with a Twist! I promise. Half the class had no idea what they were doing like myself but the instructor walks you through step by step so you can create a masterpiece. Well…. maybe mine wasn’t quite a masterpiece but close enough.  There was a second instructor walking around to give advice and answer questions too. Both the ladies teaching the class were so nice and made the night a great one.

Tweet tweet!

What really made our Date Night at Painting with a Twist over the top were the little things. You are allowed to bring your own wine, beer and snacks. I can definetly use a glass of wine when I get a couple hours away from the kids. No offense to my kids but they drive me bonkers. There is also a fun box with funny hats and other items to dress up and be a silly bit silly. The studio itself has paintings all over the wall that is really bright and inspiring. You get to pick your apron with funny saying and characters like my Ariel apron. The all around tone of the studio is so laid back and fun!

Everyone gets their own easel, canvas, 2 paint brushes and a variety of different colors of acrylic paints. In your online reservation, make sure to add in the names of people you want to sit next to if you are going with a group. This would be a great night out with friends or family for a truly unique experience.

My next Painting with a Twist visit will be with my oldest child and I can’t wait! This studio is child friendly and I know he will have a blast with me.

Visit Painting with a Twist to sign up for a class!


#PaintingwithaTwist, #PWATinteriors , #ad, date night , date night ideas, diy

Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough

Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough

Edible OREO Cookie Dough

Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough is the best of all worlds as far as dessert goes. Delicious cookie dough, crispy bits of Birthday Cake OREO Cookies, and fun sprinkles mixed into a very quick and simple treat. Oh my!


OREO is having an amazing My OREO Creation Sweepstakes that inspired me to make this Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough. One of my favorite vault flavors is the Birthday Cake OREO Cookies and I got to thinking, why don’t they just mix the Cookie Dough flavor and Birthday Cake for one insanely amazing OREO creation? The Birthday Cake Cookie Dough OREO Cookie. Well, my idea hasn’t been developed yet so I made my own delicious bowl of OREO yum and am sharing the recipe with you all today.

What if Birthday Cake OREO Cookies aren’t in stock because it is a vault flavor? That’s okay! Use regular OREO Cookies or try out another fun flavor in the recipe!

Check out the My OREO Creation post to get more information on the sweepstakes!

Click HERE.

This Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough recipe that I created literally takes 5 minutes to put together. Whip up this recipe as an after school snack, movie night treat, or because you just have a major craving for cookie dough. No eggs are in the recipe so it is completely safe to eat! I have to admit something though. I am that person who eats cookie dough with raw eggs while baking. I just can’t help myself. Besides this recipe having no raw egg, there is no need to bake, cook, or even turn on an stove which is golden during these hot summer months. All you need :

  1. Mixing bowl.
  2. Hand or stand mixer.
  3. Measuring cups.
  4. A few basic ingredients:
    1. brown sugar
    2. butter, softened
    3. vanilla extract
    4. salt
    5. flour
    6. milk
    7. Birthday Cake OREO Cookies
    8. sprinkles

Add brown sugar and the softened butter to your mixing bowl. Use the hand mixer to thoroughly mix. Add vanilla extract, salt, flour and milk. Mix well. Hand stir in the Birthday Cake OREO Cookies and sprinkles. Place in fridge to chill and then enjoy! If you want to use this as a dip, no fridge time is necessary. That is it! This is a recipe that your kids can help in the kitchen with. I used almond milk but any type of milk will do fine. Get the complete instructions and ingredient amounts in the recipe card below.


5 from 1 reviews
Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough
Recipe type: Dessert
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup butter, softened
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 tablespoons milk ( I used almond milk)
  • ¾ cup chopped Birthday Cake OREO Cookies (6-7 cookies)
  • ¼ cup sprinkles
  1. Add brown sugar and softened butter to a medium sized mixing bowl. Use a hand or stand mixer to thoroughly mix.
  2. Add in vanilla extract, salt, flour and milk. Use the mixer to blend well.
  3. Chop your OREOS.
  4. Add sprinkles and OREOS to mixing bowl and mix in using a spatula.
  5. Place in fridge for 20 minutes.
  6. Serve.


So, what do you all think about my Edible OREO Birthday Cake Cookie Dough? Can you see yourself enjoying a delicious bowl?

My OREO Creation

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My OREO Creation

My OREO Creation just kicked off and I am over the moon! You can call me a huge fan of OREO Cookies. Give me the Double Stuffed, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Minis…. I don’t care. I love them all!

#ad, My OREO Creation, Dessert, #MyOREOCreation #Contest #MyOREOWM

Wait…what? You don’t know what the My OREO Creation is? I am getting ahead of myself here. My OREO Creation is an awesome contest where you get to develop the next OREO Cookie flavor. If that fact isn’t cool enough, you happen to get $500,000 in cash and a trip to New York City. That’s a major cash prize, ya’ll.  I already have my new house, car and wardrobe picked out in my head over here.

Find out more about the My OREO Creation Sweepstakes!

Click HERE to enter sweepstakes!

No PURCH NEC. 50 US/D.C./PR 18+.
Enter by: 7/14/17. Rules:


My OREO Creation

For all those who have been following me here at Leggings ‘N’ Lattes for a bit, you know how much I love to cook and create new recipes. I feel like I am meant to win a contest like this. Here is the sticky part though: coming up with a NEW flavor that hasn’t been done. I was thinking about Cookie Dough. Doh! Done. Mocha! Done. Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry Pie. All done before. There is even a Root Beer Float flavor.

For inspiration, I went to my local Walmart for a My OREO Creation in-store demo to sample some delicious OREOS and grab extra savings. There are 20 varieties of OREO offered at Walmart. 20! Holy cow.


My OREO Creation

As I walked through Walmart and picked up some goodies (shown below), I got to thinking about what my favorite OREO Cookies have been. Birthday Cake OREO Cookies and Cookie Dough OREO Cookies topped the list. Red Velvet is pretty high up there too.

Then, it hit me.

My idea was obvious.

I am creating a Birthday Cake Cookie Dough OREO Cookie with an infusion of the best.

By the way, I know you are eye balling that Jelly Donut OREO package. Oh yes, there is a genius out there that created these babies.


My OREO Creation

I would love to hear about your My OREO Creation idea in the comments below and don’t forget to enter the contest!

Keep in my mind I get 20% of your cash prize if your idea is developed over mine. Just kidding. You better send me a photo of the sweet ride you bought with that dough!


My OREO Creation

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Potty Train Your Two Year Old

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Potty Train Your Two Year Old

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We have officially made it to the potty training stage and it is slightly terrifying but exciting at the same time! My little girl is quickly becoming a big kid. I have tips for my fellow mother’s out there today on how to potty train your two year old. Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® is my biggest tool for making potty training a success! I am sharing with you signs that your child is ready to potty train, supplies needed and some tips and tricks to accomplish this big milestone in your little ones life.

Okay mamas! Let’s potty train your two year old.


Is Your Child Ready?

To begin, you need to determine if your child is ready to potty train. Most preschools will require your child to be completely potty trained before attending so I believe the sooner you can potty train, the better. Plus, kids learn quickly! At age of two, I believe most kids are ready to use the potty. Here are some signs that your child is ready:

  • You child wakes up dry consistently from naps and goes long periods through the day staying dry.
  • Your child acknowledges that they are going potty or need to go. Caitlin and myself have some awkward eye contact moments when she is going potty in her diaper and says “poo poo” while pointing at it.
  • Your child has an interest in the toilet and what happens while you are in bathroom. They learn from observation. Yes, having them tail you into bathroom while you go tinkle is a good thing. I do look forward to the day I can pee in peace though!
  • Your child may even want to go hide while going potty for privacy.



Yay! Your child is ready for the potty training phase so what now?

I explored my local Sam’s Club to find the supplies needed. You will need the right equipment and supplies to make potty training a success and it all starts with Pull-Ups! Sam’s Club is a great place to pick up Pull-Ups in large packs with really fun designs within the Diaper and Potty Training Supply aisle. Caitlin wanted the pink box and letting your child help pick out supplies will aid you in the potty training process.  Sam’s Club also offers their members online shopping, free pick up, and cash back for Plus Memberships. As a mom, I can tell you Sam’s Club is a necessity!


What you Need to Potty Train Your Two Year Old

  1. Pull-Ups. They wear like underwear to easily pull on and off with easy open sides for quick changes when needed. Plus, the Pull-Ups fade when wet to help your little one learn quicker.
  2. Child’s toilet seat. There are a lot of options. Some are on the floor and some cover your toilet like what I have shown here.
  3. Stepping stool for the regular potty. A stepping stool is also useful for hand washing in the sink.
  4. Flushable wipes to make wiping as comfortable as possible.
  5. Stickers. Never underestimate the power of a sticker! Give your child a fun sticker every time they successfully use the potty.
  6. Patience. Potty training takes time so be patient and consistent. Don’t get mad or upset. DO use words of encouragement, high fives and clapping.


Check out Sam’s Club by clicking HERE and get the supplies you need!

(Patience is not available online or in store. Yoga or meditation are recommended.)


Tips and Tricks

There are so many different tactics for potty training! Through potty training two children, I have found what works for us! I have just a few tips and tricks to potty train your two year old.

  • Start potty training on a week that is not crazy busy because the first few days will be time consuming and consistency is very important.
  • Start potty training in close intervals. Every 10 minutes, have your little one go to the potty to begin. This is a lot of work but when they begin to potty on the toilet, move out those intervals to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes and so on until your child is voluntarily going to the bathroom when they need to.
  • Have a plan! Decide on your potty training tactics before the process begins to avoid confusion.
  • Let your child go without pants around the house. Just use the Pull-Ups because an extra layer of clothes can be frustrating for you and your child. Remember that your child is still learning how to put on and take off their own clothes so make it as easy as possible.
  • Positive reinforcement is huge! “Yay, you went potty! You are such a big girl/boy!” Words of encouragement will make the potty training experience fun for everyone. The stickers also help with the positive reinforcement. Let your child know how proud you are of them when they use the potty!
  • Go long lengths sitting on the toilet until your child goes potty. During the time, you can do activities like reading a book, practicing ABC’s, or playing with a small toy.

Visit the Pull-Ups® Potty Training Program to take a personality quiz and get more tips on potty training!


For the mother’s out there with a child in the potty training phase or have smoothly hit this milestone:

Make sure to share your best tips and tricks in the comments below!

Mom Style : PinkBlush Black, White, Grey Colorblock Halter Maxi Dress

Mom Style :

PinkBlush Black, White, Grey Colorblock Halter Maxi Dress

This shop was given this dress as part of the PinkBlush Ambassador program. This item was personally picked by me and all opinions are mine alone.

The PinkBlush Black, White, Grey Colorblock Halter Maxi Dress is a comfortable maxi dress that is a great staple for any closet. This dress is so lightweight and comfy! I don’t wear a lot of color and I am loving the colorblock shades with the black, white and grey. The dresses ties at the neck and cinches around the waist.

I can’t get enough of PinkBlush dresses and the trendy online boutique! Last month I wore a Magenta Sash Tie Maxi Dress that you can see by clicking here.

I am a shorty at 5’3″ and this dress works really well for us short people. It hits me right at the ankles when the top is adjusted at the neck as tight as comfortably possible. If you are short like me, you know how difficult it is to find long maxi dresses like this one in a length that is wearable with flat sandals. And I love my sandals so I will be rocking this dress all the time. If you are taller, this dress still works because of how the adjustment around the neck works.

A strapless bra will be needed with this dress because of how it ties. I am wearing a small and it is flowy and roomy but still fits well. As long as you are able to wear a strapless bra, this dress is for you. It will look fantastic on anyone that put it on and true to size.

Today, I styled this dress with some really fun drop earrings that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market here in Cincinnati awhile back. You can’t tell so much in the photos but it was CRAZY windy today so I put my hair up in a pony tail and kept it all really simple. I put on my favorite black sandals for walking and we hung out the park. Oversized sunglasses completed the summer look. The combo of a halter, drop earrings and an up-do is always flattering.

The PinkBlush Black, White, Grey Colorblock Halter Maxi Dress is very versatile! You can go from Sunday church to the park to a dinner out flawlessly and most importantly, comfortably!

Where do you see yourself wearing this fun maxi dress?

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