10 Stylish Winter Boots

10 Stylish Winter Boots

You Actually Want to Wear


The beginning of winter is still a month away but the temperature is already chilly and we saw our first snowflakes here in Cincinnati just a few days ago so finding the perfect pair of winter boots is a must right now! I have ideas for 10 Stylish Winter Boots to share with you today that are affordable, comfortable styles you actually WANT to wear.

Today was one of those perfect fall days in the 50’s with the sun shining but the last couple weeks have been a roller coaster. Some parts of the country have had some major snow already this year and I even heard parts of Florida may be a little chilly at the moment. No matter where you live- some great boots are a must have.

What I’m wearing

Boots | Jeans | Flannel Top  | Vest | Beanie

What to look for in winter boots

  • Warmth : The boots need to keep your feet nice and warm and should be made to withstand the lowest temperatures in your area. With that said- an Alaskan resident will need a different pair of winter boots than a Florida resident.
  • Traction : Make sure there is great traction on the bottom of the soles. Cincinnati gets a lot of ice so great traction is a must for me which is why I usually turn to a hiking boot.
  • Comfort : Boots should be made to wear all day without hurting your feet. If you have owned a pair of Uggs, then you know what comfort feels like.
  • Style : Warmth trumps style when it comes to winter boots but can certainly have both! Find some boots that go with your personal style and will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

10 Stylish Winter Boots

Here are 10 Stylish Winter Boots I am loving at the moment that lead in comfort and have great traction. These are going to keep those toes warm all winter long:

Check out more from my favorite brands

Is there a brand I missed or specific boot you love this season?? Share with my readers in the comments below!


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