10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon

Sunriver Oregon with kids, 10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon during the summer

10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon

This summer has been one of the best ones yet while exploring some of my favorite spots in Oregon with the kids. Today, I am sharing 10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon during the summer months.

Sunriver, Oregon is only a 20 minute drive from Bend, Oregon and was an area that I frequently spent my summer days while growing up. From swimming to hiking to horseback riding and more – Sunriver is the perfect spot for families to getaway. A 7 hour flight from Cincinnati to Portland was just the beginning of our journey! We saw Timberline at Mount Hood…. touched the Spruce Goose in McMinville… looked upon Multnomah Falls and enjoyed a lot of good eats along the way. The highlight of our Oregon vacation was Sunriver by far. Here are 10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon:


Sunriver is a quiet town with a little village of restaurants, shopping, grocery store, coffee shop and activities for kids. I recommend trying out some restaurants and letting your kids do some of the offered activities : rock climbing, bounce house, trampoline, train for the little ones and more.


Everyone in Sunriver rides bikes everywhere while exploring the 30 miles of bike path or to check out different areas in the community like the stables, marina, or The Village. Bike rentals are easy to find in The Village so make sure that is your first stop so you can fully enjoy the Sunriver vibes.


Many of the house rentals have a shared pool to enjoy. We had clear skies and 90 degree weather all week long for our July visit which was perfect for lounging by the pool in the afternoon after a long bike ride. An aquatics center is also located  in Sunriver called the SHARC with a large outdoor pool with slides and a lazy river for a day of family fun.


The stables is always a fun spot to check out horses and just take in the beautiful views. Pony rides are available for little ones and horseback riding trails are a must-do for those over 7 years old. Whether you have loads of experience with horses or are a first timer – there is a trail for you!


Just a couple minutes from the stables you will find the marina. There is a restaurant and shopping, but more importantly, you will find rentals for boats, kayaks and more. I recommend canoeing the Deschutes River for amazing views and a bit of exercise or rent a raft for the family to float.


A small fee gets you into the Sunriver Nature Center where hands on exhibits and nature exploration will get your kids involved! There are even day camps. Families are welcome to take walks through the Botanical Gardens.

Sunriver Oregon with kids, 10 Things to do in Sunriver Oregon during the summer


The Cascade Lakes are right at your fingertips and they are beautiful! We spent a day at Cultus Lake just to relax and dip our toes into that clear water.


My husband would argue that vacation is not complete without some golfing involved. There are a few golf courses around Sunriver but one is at the Sunriver Resort in the middle of town and has 7 day passes for individuals or families available.


Explore a mile long lava tube in Central Oregon that is part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. It is an unique experience that only takes about an hour and costs $5 per person for entry. Bring a light and something to stay warm inside the cave because it is dark and is only at 40 odd degrees. Hiking shoes aren’t a bad idea either.


Can you go to Oregon and not hike? There are just too many beautiful views and opportunities to see nature up close not to. There are dozens of trails in the Deschutes National Forest to pick from. The Todd Lake hike is great for beginner hikers and children. Plan on also doing a picnic!

Check out this clip below at Cultus Lake where the butterflies had taken over the shoreline!


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  1. We have a summer-outdoors kind of kiddo, too. She would love everything about Sunriver! Regretting not getting there while we still lived in California… a bit closer than commuting in from Chicago. Lol!

    1. Yea, we went as kids all the time- a 3 hour drive compared to a long flight and long drive now stinks but would be a nice switch up from your Chicago life. So peaceful there.

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