10 Ways To Stay Warm This Season

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10 Ways To Stay Warm This Season

I am one of those people who are always cold! My body does not respond well to cold weather. From layering with Cuddle Duds to programming your thermostat,  I have 10 Ways To Stay Warm This Season for all my friends out there forever cold like myself.

Cover your head

A lot of your body heat can escape from your head. So, what do you do? Cover it up! Wear a cute beanie on those cold days to keep you warm.

Waterproof boots

Nothing is worse than wet feet when it is cold outside! Wearing waterproof boots can help those feet dry and warm. Plus, there are so many styles that you can find the perfect boot that is stylish, comfortable and helps keep you warm with any outfit.

Dress in layers

From head to toe, dress in layers! Leggings, thick socks, long sleeve crewnecks layered up and a vest can keep you cozy and super comfortable all day long. Some of my favorite layering pieces come from Cuddle Duds.

Today I am wearing a grey long sleeve crew Softwear with Stretch top. The Cuddl Duds Softwear collection is amazing! They are thin, soft and can be layered under anything! My black leggings and black long sleeve crew top from the Fleecewear with Stretch collection. These layers are slightly thicker than the Softwear collection and are warm, amazingly soft and are the type of pieces you can literally live in all season long.

How else can Cuddl Duds be worn? I am wearing a plaid vest and waterproof boots to take my dog on a walk around the lake. You can wear these pieces under your ski gear at the mountain, as pajamas on cold nights, wear them on the weekend for a casual look with boots and a stylish beanie or even wear to work. Place a crew neck top under your work clothes with tall boots, skinny jeans and a chunky sweater.

Hot drinks

Consuming a hot drink can help raise your core temperature. Feeling cold? Drink a hot latte (just in case you needed an excuse). Try a green tea at night before bed to get you cozy warm for bedtime.


Having the oven on will help heat up the house, plus you are moving around. So, go ahead and bake a batch or two of chocolate chip cookies for your family and friends.

Keeping those hands covered

Mittens, gloves, or whatever you like to wear will help keep that body heat where you want it. Cold weather can cause poor circulation to your hands causing pain and stinging and that icy cold feeling. No fun! Keep those gloves close by.

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a must have for keeping warm and saving on that energy bill. Program your thermostat for what works with your families lifestyle. We like ours to kick on before we wake up in the morning because getting motivated in the morning while freezing cold just stinks. Being warm in the morning will help you wake up and honestly… get out of bed… to be productive in the morning. Don’t forget those gloves and hot latte before you walk out into the cold!

On the weekends, we like to use the fireplace because we are homebodies and burning wood in the fireplace can keep us warm all day long and save us money on that energy bill.

Block any drafts from windows or doors

Winterize the house. A simple way to save money on the energy bill and stay warmer is to block any drafts through the house. Check seals around windows and doors and see where the drafts are so you can take care of the problem before winter kicks in.

Space heater

I use my space heater ALOT during the colder months. I like to place it at my feet while working at my desk. Space heaters are great because they are portable and you can move it to the family to watch a movie at night or place it in the kitchen while prepping dinner or whatever else you may need to use it for on those days you are feeling it is extra chilly.

Keep moving

Feeling that chill come on? Get up and move around. Do some jumping jacks, take the dog on a long fast-paced walk or get some cleaning done around the house! Sitting still will make you feel like an ice cube in the freezer so get off your butt and get your blood flowing.

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  1. I looooove CuddlDuds! If only Philadelphia weather would cooperate, I could get all bundled up in my fall clothes! (Instead, we’ve been sweating it out in 70s/80s that’s been soooo humid!)

  2. Oh goodness, girl I love those boots! I’ll definitely be making a few batches of chocolate chip cookies. And we just bought a small fireplace, I’m hoping to get a lot of good use out of that soon.

  3. In Sydney we’re just coming up to summer but I’ll keep these in mind for next winter. I love the baking tip, a nice piece of cake and a coffee is a lovely way to warm up.

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