30 Days of Self Care

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30 Days of Self Care


The new year has began and I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution but that doesn’t mean I haven’t made goals or reflected on how I can improve myself going into 2019. I think all moms struggle in the area of self care. We are busy people and put so many other people in front of ourselves on the priority list. I want to start the new year with putting some focus back on myself with 30 Days of Self Care! I am sharing a checklist of ideas so you can join me.

Take a bubble bath – Enjoy a hot bath with loads of bubbles while sipping on glass of wine.

Sit down at a coffeehouse – Go into a coffeehouse and sit down in a comfy chair to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Take a long walk – Walk through an area with beautiful surroundings. Pick a park near your home, hike a mountain or maybe you like people watching through the mall.

Dance – Dance with your friends at the bar, take a dance class or just turn up the music in your living room and have a dance off with the kids. Just take time to dance.

Spa Day – In your home or at a nice spay – get pampered with a mani/pedi or a massage and facial.

Buy yourself flowers – The smell and sight of fresh flowers is an instant mood lifter. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers for the home or your office.

Fix something in your home – Fix that thing in your home that your have been to get to for a long time. Maybe it is painting a room or fixing a creaky door. Check something off that home to-do list.

Unplug– Take 24 hours to completely unplug from social media. No checking Facebook or what people have posted on Instagram.

Edit your social media– Unfriend those negative people on social media and update all your profiles and photos.

Make a small change to your diet – Make one change to your diet. Quit drinking soda, add an extra serving of vegetables every day or commit to meal prepping to avoid eating out.

Write in a journal – Write your thoughts down in a journal. Try writing down something positive that happened every day for a month in that journal and see how that starts to make your feel!

Date night – Date night with the significant other or just a friend. Get dressed up and enjoy a nice dinner and movie or an activity you both enjoy like golfing.

Declutter – Declutter an area in your home. Personally, I like to go room by room the beginning of every year to get rid of clutter, donate unwanted items and clean.

Practice yoga – Yoga and meditation is a great way to put your mind and body at ease and release tension.

Get a haircut – If you just trim a bit off or go for a whole new look, get a nice hair cut and relax.

More Self Care Ideas

Try something new – Do something you have always wanted to try or haven’t done in a long time. This could be anything from taking a painting class to sky diving!

Make an investment – Invest in your future. You don’t need a lot of money but make a long or short term investments, stocks… there are many options even if all you can spare is $100. Do something for your future and a good habit to start.

Read a book or magazine for an hour – Grab a corny romance novel or your favorite gossip and curl up in your favorite blanket for an hour.

Take a mental health day – Sometimes a “sick” day just needs to be used as a mental health day to take care of errand and kick back. Your workplace will survive without you for a day.

Color – Buy some coloring books and crayons. It can be very therapeutic just to sit and color for a bit.

Go to the bookstore – I love going to the bookstore, grabbing a hot coffee and reading a couple chapters in a book in a comfy chair.

Bake a dessert – Bake your favorite dessert and eat it without regret.

Write a letter – Sit down and write a letter. Maybe an old friend just had a baby or you haven’t talked to an uncle in awhile. Writing and receiving a hand written letter is so much more powerful than an instant message or email or text. Give it a try and reconnect with someone.

Order in dinner – Take a break from cooking and order in some food. Everywhere delivers now so pick whatever you are craving and take that break from the kitchen.

Enjoy a homemade face mask – Do a little DIY and make a mask or face scrub.

Listen to a new podcast – Listen to a podcast on the way to work in an area that interests you.

Learn something new – Take the time to learn something new. This could be the basics of a new language, reading a history book, a new technique in a cooking class just for some ideas.

Sing – Sing in the shower, in the car or while making dinner. Just put on your favorite album and sing away – even if you don’t have  singing voice.

Catch up on your favorite blog – See what your favorite blogger has been up to lately and read the latest posts.

Take a nap – How often do you say, “ugh I just want a nap”. If you are like me, that would be all the time, so do it. Take a nap!


Share in the comments below how you practice self care, not just to start the new year, but year round. How do you take the time to focus on YOU?

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