6 Tips to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic Featuring Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt

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6 Tips to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic

featuring Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt

Post: This post is sponsored by Happy Family Yogurt but content and expressions are all my own.

Let’s face it– mornings are the craziest part of the day! From toddler meltdowns or someone not having clean underwear to running late or scrambling to put breakfast on the table. I am sharing 6 Tips to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic featuring Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt.

When I heard Happy Family was launching their new yogurt line at Target, I obviously had to make sure to be one of the first to snatch it up because this household loves yogurt, especially in the morning time! Happy Family Yogurt offers products in amazing flavors like apple-blackberry or apple-pear in convenient pouches and cups that includes a line specifically for babies. Most babies can begin to eat yogurt as soon as they are ready for solid foods. Happy Family Baby Whole Milk Yogurt Cups are a great choice for one of your babies first foods because it contains nutrients such as calcium, protein, live and active cultures, plus vitamin D.

Happy Family Yogurts grows with your child into the Happy Tot Yogurt line introducing new textures and tastes like with the strawberry-banana-oats and chai flavor.

Why we are loving Happy Family Yogurts:

  • Organic/Non-GMO.
  • Made with whole milk supplying my child with vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients.
  • Mindfully made with probiotics for happy tummies.
  • No added sweeteners.
  • Available in convenient pouches or cups.
  • Great flavors and taste!

My little girl is happy with a lap full of Happy Tot Whole Milk Yogurt in various flavors! Of course, we couldn’t get out of Target without some other fun items like new shoes and home décor items- we just had to have them. Now, time to cook dinner and get ready for tomorrow morning but not without sharing my 6 Tips to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic first!

6 Tips to Make Your Morning Less Chaotic

  • Feed the family a convenient and healthy breakfast. Fresh fruit, Happy Family Yogurts, granola, toast with a peanut butter spread or oatmeal for a few ideas.
  • Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you need to. I know this sounds painful and 20 minutes of sleep seems like ALOT as a mom but it really isn’t. That 20 minutes in the morning will give YOU a moment to drink a hot cup of coffee (it is possible!), style your hair instead of loading it up with even more dry shampoo, do some meditation or even get a quick workout in before the kids wake up. That 20 minutes can go far and really get you mentally prepared for the day ahead.

What you can do the night before:

  • Lay out your children’s clothes. My son is at an age that he can pick out clothes and change within a minute so I only lay out his clothes if something special is happening the next day like school pictures or we have an after school activity that involves wearing some particular. My daughter on the other hand, will easier spend an hour picking out clothes and changing 10 times before she is ready to walk out the door and she will still be screaming about what shoes she has on. I wake her up and change clothes before she has time to even think about how much she didn’t want to wear a dress.
  • Check homework and make sure everything is in their school bags/daycare bag. This is a lesson learned. We have on more than one occasion, had a child in the midst of an emotional breakdown at 6am because homework was not completed! Homework is now completed and checked the night before and placed in the school bag ready to go. If your child is still in daycare, make sure their bag is ready with extra clothes, pull ups, wipes and whatever else your child may need.
  • Pack lunches and place into fridge. Lunch is always figured out the night before. Make sandwiches, slice apples, portion out crackers… whatever you need to do. Place in the fridge so you literally just grab it, hand it to your child and walk out the door.

  • Have a set schedule. Repetition is recommended. Set your alarm for the same time everyday so your body naturally begins to waken at that set time, make all your nighttime preparations before bed, eat breakfast at the same time, and have a set order of who showers. Depending on your families needs, adjust this list to fit YOU.

Do you have a morning routine? I want to hear what works for your family and if you have any tips and tricks! Leave a comment below.

Make sure to visit Happy Family on Target’s website to find your new favorite flavors and locate at a store near you!

Click HERE.


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  1. I wish this yogurt was around when my kids were tots! I love the get up 20 minuets early tip. I started doing that this year and I actually look forward to my mornings!

    1. I think it helps to have a few minutes to yourself in the morning and you don’t feel rushed trying to get everyone out the door. That 20 minutes makes such a big difference.

  2. These tips are really handy, especially to lay out your children’s clothes. There’s something so nice about going to bed knowing the little things are taken care of for the morning. The yogurt looks amazing! My son would love these. He’s a big yogurt fan. I will look out for them!

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