A Letter to My Son

A Letter to My Son


I know you’re still so young but I have never met a little boy so full of life. I see your compassion, empathy and wit every day. It makes me proud to be your mom. Life hasn’t always been the easiest, but I know that because of you I will always have a best friend, supporter and fan. You, my son, are brilliant.  And you can make this life anything you want it to be. I have so many hopes and dreams for you. Here is some advice to always take with you. And If there is ever a time that I cannot be there, remember that I am always in your heart, as you are in mine. 


Not everything will always go your way. Life is going to have  its ups and downs. But life will only be sad and miserable if you let it be. It’s all about your attitude. No matter what happens, remember that all days, even the bad ones, are a blessing. Keep smiling and keep pushing forward. Concentrate on the good. If you master this, you will always find peace no matter what life decides to throw at you.

You are going to meet lots and lots of friends over the years. Make sure you hold onto your childhood friends the best you can. The kids you grow up with will always be the ones who know you the best. The ones who will always accept you for who you are and for who you will become. I’ve only held onto a handful myself, but they have become my family (yours too) and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. 

Kids can be mean and some day you may get bullied or picked on. Always remember this- kindness is the only way to combat hate. Never let someone bring you down to their level. Let go and rise above it. Always stay kind. I promise you that bullying happens to everyone. There is nothing wrong with you. Some day those people will regret the mean things they say and do. Forgive them once they realize this. It’s never good to hold a grudge.

Not all love is meant to last. Someday you will have your heart broken. You may feel like your world is ending. But I promise you it’s not. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone, it simply is just not meant to be. And that’s okay. Soak in it only temporarily and then pick yourself up and keep going. There is a love out there for you that will help make your life everything you’ve always dreamed it would be. And they won’t break your heart.

If I have more children, please be nice to your siblings. I say this partly as a favor to keep me sane but trust me when I say that it’s also important. Your siblings will be the best friends you will ever have. Hold them close and cherish them. They will help you navigate life through the good and bad.

Stay active and take care of your body. You only get one. 

Remember to trust us as your parents. I know we won’t always see eye to eye. But I promise you that when we tell you something it’s because we love you. We worry about you a whole lot and only want the best for you. If you ever need us, we will be there. Even if you think we won’t understand, please trust me when I say that we will. We will always be on your side and will always fight for you.

Travel any time you have the opportunity to. This will help you build connections with all different types of people. Nothing you could ever buy will teach you more than seeing the world.

Listen to a lot of music. This will help you throughout your life, especially as a teenager. 

Spend a lot of time with your Grandparents. They love you and have a lot to teach you.

 I hate to tell you this son, but chivalry is not dead. You are becoming a man and as a man you have certain duties to uphold. I don’t care if a lady is 5 years old or if she’s 75, she’s a lady and I expect that you treat her as such. Believe me when I tell you that this alone will get you far. A woman will respect you and build you up when you treat her the right way. That can be a powerful thing.

Always stand up for yourself and for your beliefs. This is very important. Nobody is going to do this for you. If you believe strongly about something, say it. The only people who ever change the world are the people who are willing to stand up. This may mean standing up for someone else too. 

The world can be a dark place. But don’t let that consume you. Life is an amazing gift. Put as much good out into the world as you can and watch how it comes back to you. I promise it will.

No matter where this life takes you, always remember where you come from. 

College is important but it’s not everything. I would love to see you graduate from college, but i also know that your success doesn’t depend on it. I promise that as your mom, I will always support your decisions about this. My only wish is that you are happy and passionate about the work you do. 

Always work hard. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting paid $10 an hour or 30. Being a hard worker will open new doors for you. 

Someday when you have a family of your own remember that time is the most precious gift you can give them. Cherish each and every moment.

One last thing…

Never underestimate the power of a kind word, a hug or a smile. Above all things you do, this may very well be the most important. Every single day you have the opportunity to change someones life. Don’t forget that ability. 

You have already taught me so much. I am kinder, more patient and stronger because of you. I know that you are meant for big things and I am so proud to call you my son. I wish you all of the happiness and success in the world.

Love Always,



A Letter to My Son



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  1. I have sons too, so your letter struck me in the heart. It’s impossible to communicate the depth or my love or how many hopes I have placed in him, not for accomplishments, but for experiences of profound joy and love.

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