DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands

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We are turning a boring weekday afternoon at home into a magical wonderland experience with Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups and creating some fun DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands to transform our day into something special.

It is the season for gloomy, rainy days and cold temperatures where we are just stuck indoors. A craft day is just what is needed to entertain the kids and create some memories together. The limited edition Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups inspired these fun DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands because in the world of my three year old- unicorns, rainbows, glitter and anything pink are LIFE!

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn!

Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups

Dive right into that unicorn life with these Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups made without high-fructose corn syrup and 0g trans fat per serving in a deliciously fruity stardust flavor that tastes like joy and rainbow sparkles. Each package contains 6 pink or blue pudding cups and we topped our treats with a whipped cream topping and princess sprinkles.

The new Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups are available for a limited time at Walmart! Grab yours today next to the other delicious Snack Pack puddings or an aisle end cap like what is pictured below.  Follow the instructions below for DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands for a full day of unicorn magic for the family and click HERE for more ideas from websites like this one.

Printable Fun

Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups come with temporary unicorn tattoos inside each pack but you can also visit Snack Pack for other printable family games like a unicorn activity coloring page.

Click HERE to visit the Snack Pack website for the coloring page, great activities, recipes and more.

DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands

DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands are really simple to make and I was able to grab all my materials at Walmart for a convenient one stop shop for the day. There is a lot of freedom with this craft to make it all yours. Pick your ribbons, pick your floral, pick the headband and horn colors and choose something fun for the decorative ribbon! You can make the Walmart shopping trip a fun experience all on it’s own just with the kids picking out fun, colorful items.

Material Needed (makes one headband)

  • Sheet of of felt in your favorite color of the rainbow.
  • Artificial floral bunch.
  • 1 inch headband any color.
  • 1 inch white ribbon (optional- change the color of your headband)
  • 1/4 inch rainbow or sparkling ribbon.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • 3 hot glue sticks.
  • Fiberfill or cotton balls.
  • Scissors.
  • Unicorn horn template. Print HERE.
  • Pencil.


  1. Gather all your materials and plug in the glue gun to heat up.
  2. Print off the Unicorn Horn Template, cut out the shapes and draw them onto the piece of felt with a pencil.
  3. Fold down the smaller end of your horn by just 1/4 inch or smaller and hot glue it down. The roll the horn and hot glue the end as shown in the top 2 images right above.
  4. Once the glue has set, stuff the horn with fiberfill and hot glue the small round felt shape onto the larger portion of the horn.
  5. Wrap the 1/4 inch ribbon around the horn for design and hot glue it in multiple places to secure.
  6. Wrap the 1 inch ribbon around the headband and secure in place with hot glue. This is optional- if you like the color of your headband, then you won’t need to wrap ribbon around it!
  7. Hot glue the horn to the very top center of the headband. Use a generous amount of glue for this step.
  8. Clip your bunch of flowers with the wire cutters to remove the stems.
  9. Before gluing your flowers around the horn, test out the placement. Once happy with flower placement, hot glue each one.
  10. Let the glue dry and then have some magical unicorn fun!

What will you create these DIY No Sew Unicorn Headbands for? A simple weekday craft with the kids? A unicorn birthday party? Dress up fun? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget the Unicorn Magic Snack Pack Pudding Cups made from a snack made with fairy dust and princess kisses for an extra special day of fun.

Long Leopard Cardigan


It is that time of year for some comfortable, effortless outfits like this look with a Long Leopard Cardigan. The kind of outfit you can toss on and head out in with cold, rainy weather- this is it.

February through April are sort of downer months for me. All the cold and rain and just being SO OVER winter and so ready for spring I just tend to reach into the wardrobe for more comfortable outfit solutions. A t-shirt, jeans, my go-to black booties, an effortless cardigan and add in some fun with matching mommy and me beanies.

Get the Look

Long Leopard Cardigan

Kenzie Black Booties

American Eagle Button Up Jeans

Espresso then Prosecco Tee

Matching Hats

Long Leopard Cardigan

This outfit is really all about this Long Leopard Cardigan found on Amazon for only $29.99. It comes in other colors like pink but I went with Espresso to match a lot of outfits. I love this paired with black leggings and a black top for another effortless style.

Find some kids leopard print also! 

Crock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches

amazonCrock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches are made with a large roast, packet if Italian seasoning, pepperoncini’s, giardiniera mix slow cooked all day and put on a toasted deli sub with melted provolone cheese.

Crock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches

Crock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches are one of those meals everyone should know how to make. They are super simple, super comforting and super delicious. That’s a whole lot of super.

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Crock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches
Crock-pot Italian Beef Sandwiches are made with a large roast, packet if Italian seasoning, pepperoncini's, giardiniera mix slow cooked all day and put on a toasted deli sub with melted provolone cheese.
Recipe type: Crock-pot
  • 3 pound bottom round roast
  • packet Italian seasoning, zesty
  • 8 ounces deli sliced pepperoncini's, plus more for topping
  • 8 ounces mild giardiniera, prefer Chicago-style
  • 6 provolone cheese slices
  • 6 deli sub buns
  • butter
  1. Trim fat from the roast and pat dry.
  2. Place the roast into crock-pot and rub the Italian seasoning over top.
  3. Add pepperoncini's and giardiniera. Add just a little bit of the juices from those jars (1/3 cup).
  4. Cook on low 8-10 hours.
  5. Shred the meat.
  6. Pre-heat oven to broil.
  7. Slice and butter the subs and place under broil for 3 minutes. Add a slice of cheese and broil 2 more minutes.
  8. Add shredded meat to each sub with some extra pepperoncini's and serve.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, simple garlic bread

This simple Garlic Bread is made with garlic, fresh parsley, butter and Parmesan cheese baked on a fresh loaf of French bread.

“Never let a recipe tell you how much garlic to put in it. You measure that with your heart. ” – unknown

Seriously, though! I love garlic. Garlic is one of my few essential ingredients in the kitchen that I could not live without and if it can be used in a recipe, I use it! Garlic is such a simple way to add flavor to any dish, it’s affordable and easy to cook with so if you aren’t on team garlic, you should be!

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is easy to make, delicious, quick and goes with almost dinner entree! My family enjoys it Easy Weeknight Spaghetti and you can get the recipe here. You can also make this bread with seafood, steak, any sort of pasta, salads, and of course, warm comforting soups.

5 from 1 reviews
Garlic Bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This simple Garlic Bread is made with garlic, fresh parsley, butter and parmesan cheese baked on a fresh loaf of French bread.
Recipe type: side
  • 1 loaf French bread, cut lengthwise
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • ½ cup softened butter, unsalted
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon ground pepper
  • ¼ cup Parmesan cheese, grated
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Mince garlic cloves, chop fresh parsley. Grate cheese and cut bread lengthwise.
  3. On the stove top, heat up a saucepan on a medium-high heat. Once hot, add the olive oil and minced garlic. Cook for 1 minute or until fragrant. Add to a small mixing bowl.
  4. Add softened butter, parsley, salt, and pepper. Mix ingredients together and spread on bread.
  5. Sprinkle the cheese over top.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes on a foil covered baking sheet and add 3 minutes under broil or until the cheese is melted and the edges of bread begin to get crispy and slightly browned.
  7. Slice and serve.



DIY Valentine’s Day Lego Shadow Box

DIY Valentine's Day Lego Shadow Box, Valentine's Day craft, shadow box craft, Lego craft, holiday shadow box gift, Valentine's Day gift


This DIY Valentine’s Day Lego Shadow Box is a really simple and affordable craft to put together for your loved one this holiday. All you need is some Lego characters, access to a printer for the free printable, a glue gun, scissors, and a small shadow box. 

I really like browsing websites like Etsy with crafty items to purchase and I came across some fun shadow boxes made with little Lego people and wanted to make one for my husband for his Valentine’s Day gift! This DIY costs me under $10 thanks to my Hobby Lobby coupon and my son helped out by giving me these Lego characters from his collection. UNDER $10– that never happens in the crafting world (for me anyways).

DIY Valentine’s Day Lego Shadow Box

Materials Needed: 

  • A 5 x7 shadow box frame. This one here from Amazon would work. However, I recommend Hobby Lobby to save some money!
  • Printer for the “I would walk across Legos for you” printable available by clicking here.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue gun with one glue stick.
  • 2 Lego characters that represent you and your partner. The couple here would work. If you have kids, go through their Lego sets and see if there are some your child would like to donate.
  • 1 or 2 Legos for the characters to stand on.
  • Red colored pencil (optional).


  1. Gather materials.
  2. Create the background printable. Cut it out to fit in your frame. If you buy a frame other than a 5 x 7, you may want to shrink or enlarge the lettering. I tried to cut out the printable so the lettering would be centered but you can do as you please. If you are using Duplo Lego characters that are larger, pull that lettering more into the upper right-hand corner of the frame to fit the characters or buying a slightly larger shadow box.
  3. Test out how your frame will come together by testing out the printable within the frame and also seeing how the characters will fit just in case you need to adjust something.
  4. In the lower left-hand corner of the shadow box frame, hot glue the long Legos the characters stand on with the characters secured on top.
  5. Make a small red heart between on the paper in the center of where the characters will be.
  6. Put the printable inside the frame and close it up.

Ideas from Amazon: 

Make sure to use the free printable below and comment on which characters you will be using for this project! There are some really fun ones!

How I Tested Myself for HPV at Home

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This post is sponsored by Nurx, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You can now take charge of your health with Nurx’s Home HPV Screening Test in the comfort of your home to check your risk for cervical cancer. I am sharing How I Tested Myself for HPV at Home with a single swab and how you can too without making a doctor’s appointment or sitting in a waiting room.

We are talking about a more sensitive issue today but something us females need to talk about more freely. We need to spread the word on topics like HPV, cervical cancer, pap smears and affordable healthcare solutions for all us females.

HPV and Cervical Cancer

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most commonly transmitted sexually transmitted infection (STI) affecting near 80 million Americans. MOST men and women will become infected with HPV at some point in their lives so anyone who is sexually active needs to be tested regularly.

HPV can even cause cervical cancer and every year near 34,000 are newly diagnosed.

You can check your risk of HPV and cervical cancer with simple pap smear or HPV test. For women over the age of 30, the 3 options below are recommended :

  • have a pap smear every three years
  • an HPV test every five years
  • a pap smear and HPV test every five years


Nurx is a judgment-free healthcare company that provides convenient,  affordable healthcare all through the US. Sure, Nurx offers convenience to all but truly focus on those women who don’t have access to affordable healthcare, don’t have insurance or live too far a healthcare clinic. Nurx is helping women take control of their health.

Nurx offers the the HPV Home Screening Test Kit for only $15 for those with insurance or $69 for those without insurance. This price includes the shipping and processing of your kit. 

*The Nurx HPV Home Screening Test is preventative care, NOT treatment. Nurx Home HPV Screening Test does NOT replace doctors nor diagnose cervical cancer.

How I Tested Myself for HPV at Home

Like many women, I find it hard to stay on a consistent schedule with my gynecologist and all doctors at that! One of my kids sneeze and I rush to make an appointment but myself… eh… not so much. The HPV Home Screening Test Kit helps me screen myself for HPV and cervical cancer between pap smear appointments so I can be confident that I am healthy down below.

HPV Home Screening Test Kit

Using the HPV Home Screening Test Kit is quick and convenient. The kit will be delivered right to your front door and comes with:

  • An extra long q-tip
  • A plastic tube
  • A plastic bag
  • A sticker with a barcode
  • And a prepaid return envelope

Easy to follow to instructions come in your kit so make sure to read them when your kit arrives! Hold the swab with one hand and insert the swab just like you would with a tampon. Gently turn the swab in a circle against the wall of your vagina for 30 seconds. Then drop the swab in the tube, and drop it in the bag. BAM! Done. Place the bag in the pre-paid envelope, and drop it in the mail! Once the medical team at Nurx receives your kit, it only takes a few days for results as they test for 14 strains of HPV.

Get Your Kit

Ordering yourself the the HPV Home Screening Test Kit is easy. Start by visiting or downloading the Nurx app on your phone. Answer a few questions about your health and Nurx will ship the kit right to you.

Click HERE to get more information and snag your kit!

Make sure to share this post with your friends and family – let’s spread the word!

The 30-Minute Nighttime Routine to Help You Get Better Sleep

#ad The 30-Minute Nighttime Routine to Help You Get Better Sleep, How to Get a Better Nights Sleep, #LiveFlavorfully @CelestialSeasonings @CelestialTeaTea Celestial Seasonings Full flavors Full flavors Healthy Teas

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

A good night sleep sets you up for a more productive day with a more positive attitude and so much more energy. Consistent, quality sleep is necessary for your overall health from the mind to the body. My 30-Minute Nighttime Routine to Help You Get Better Sleep and help you live a happier, healthier life!

As a mom of two young children, sleep can be in short supply in this household. A resolution for 2019 is to be healthier and focus more on self care. SLEEP is such a huge part of that. I have 4 steps that will only take 30 minutes every night to help you get on a sleep schedule and wake up refreshed.

Plan Out Your Day

Plan out your following day. I keep a journal next to my bed so I can write down ANY thoughts at night before bed. This includes reminders of bills that need paid, writing topic ideas for my websites, a honey-do list, or a grocery list. You can write anything you want in this journal. Just take a few minutes to write something! This journal writing helps you stay organized, focused and relieves stress or anxiety you are holding on to.

Enjoy Some Hot Tea

A hot tea with a pinch of local honey before bed, allows me to relax and cozy up in my bed. The aroma, warmth and special ingredients in tea play a huge factor in my quality of sleep. Good quality sleep equals a productive day to come.

Stay away from caffeine at night so reach for Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea line of Sleepytime Extra, Sleeptime Detox and Sleeptime Sinus Soother which are all caffeine free with added ingredients that promote a good nights rest.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea: 

  • Sleepytime Extra: Promotes relaxation with valerian while being caffeine and gluten free.  No added artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.
  • Sleepytime Detox: Promotes natural cleansing made from aloe, green rooibos and dandelion root. Caffeine and gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.
  • Sleepytime Sinus Soother: Promotes respiratory comfort with soothing tulsi and nettle. Has an uplifting menthol aroma and flavor, caffeine and gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives.

You can find a huge variety of Celestial Seasoning teas at your local Walmart all made with stringless tea bags that come packaged in recycled boxes! Celestial Seasoning is not only dedicated to sustainability but also offer great teas for wellness at a great price for any diet, including the Sleeptime line. These are also available at Walmart grocery pick up for your convenience!

Turn Off the Tech

Place your phone on the charger and turn it away from you, turn off the television or any other tech you may have on. This allows you to unwind. I recommend reading or even doing some deep breathing (think meditation) in place of sitting on your tech.  I think of reading as working out for my brain. Just as a run will help your body stay fit- reading even just 15 minutes a day will keep your mind healthy! Make sure to decide how many chapters you will read beforehand or set a timer though so you don’t get caught up staying up half the night finishing a book.

Get Your Bed Ready

Have a ritual for preparing your bed and yourself. Wash your face, brush your teeth, brush your hair and put on comfortable pajamas followed by fluffing the pillows and folding down the sheets. I get a fresh glass of water to put on my nightstand and turn my lamp on while turning all the other lights off. Grab your hot tea, journal and decide how many chapters of your book you want to read. I also get the dog all set up in his bed and make sure the super soft blanket is ready for the cats on the edge of the bed where they like to nap at night so none of the animals wake me in my sleep. Set a routine that works for you and stick to it every night at the same time.

How can getting more sleep help you accomplish your health and wellness goals this year? Let me know in the comments below and share your favorite Celestial Seasonings tea flavor!

ipsy Glam Bag January Subscription


I have had my subscription for FabFitFun for over a year now and wanted to try a subscription that was cheaper and monthly so I found ipsy. I am sharing what was in my ipsy Glam Bag January Subscription bag so you can get a sneak peak or what you will receive in yours if you are already a member or so you can decide if the ipsy Glam Bag would be right for you!

What to expect in your ipsy Glam Bag

Every month receive 5 items in a makeup bag personalized for you. There is a quiz at the beginning you will take to figure out what types of products you want and need so you products could differ slightly from the ones I get. You will get a mix of full and trial sized items for only $10 monthly. You will also get benefits for being a member like major discounts on all sorts of beauty products.

Is the ipsy Glam Bag worth it?

Absolutely. The Fluide lip glass costs $12 just on it’s own so it is a great subscription to try new products at a low cost.

ipsy Glam Bag January Subscription

Here are the 5 items I received in my ipsy Glam Bag January Subscription.

Fluide Lipgloss

retail $12

A high shine lip glass loaded with vitamin E and jojoba oil to moisturize. Great alone or over your favorite lipstick.

Nailmedic Nail Polish in Rose and Chill 

retail $7.99

Fast drying, long wearing rose gold nail polish is on trend! Try a rose gold french tip manicure at home for great style year round.

Illamasqua Coloring Pencil Eye Crayon in Honour

retail $16.80 on Amazon

Wishing this was black in color, instead of a soft brown but still a great eye pencil that will get some use. **None of Illamasqua products are tested on animals.

Pure Brazilian Leave In Conditioner

travel size received. Full size retail value $26

Made with keratin to smooth and strengthen hair. “Hair will be soft, bouncy and healthy!”I have some winter frizz going on so hoping this product helps out!

Nomad Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun

retail value $8.40 of trial size on Amazon. Full size retails for $17

Get a sun-kissed, luminous glow with this highlighter. The champagne color is a tad too dark for my pale winter skin but will be perfect this summer!

Ready to be an ipsy member and get a bag like this every month? If so, use the referral code HERE to join!

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard

poppy seed honey mustard, honey mustard, how to make honey mustard

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard is made with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, vinegar, honey and some poppy seeds for a simply delicious dip, sauce or salad dressing anytime.

Honey mustard is one of my go-to dipping sauces and salad dressings. French fries, chicken strips, in a sandwich wrap, as a chicken marinade, on a BLTA salad for lunch… so many great possibilities.

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard

Poppy Seed Honey Mustard is just  play off of a regular honey mustard. Regular honey mustard typically consists of equal parts honey, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. I opted out of the yellow mustard and adding in some poppy seeds and a pinch of vinegar for this sauce and it is tasty!

Why Make Your Own Honey Mustard? 

Sure, you can buy a honey mustard all packaged and ready to eat but it is so simple to make it on your own and you can adjust ingredients to make it exactly how you like it. I enjoy poppy seeds in mine- it reminds of the honey mustard from Red Robin which is addicting as can be! While this is not the Red Robin copycat (if you are looking for the exact recipe), it is equally delicious.

Note that the Dijon used can play a big part in the flavor of the honey mustard. Grey Poupon is bit strong for my taste but I have found Maille is perfect in this mixture, however use what you love.


5 from 1 reviews
Poppy Seed Honey Mustard
Prep time
Total time
Poppy Seed Honey Mustard is made with mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, vinegar, honey and some poppy seeds for a simply delicious dip, sauce or salad dressing anytime.
Recipe type: sauce
Serves: 12 Tablespoons
  • ¼ cup Dijon mustard
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 Tablespoon white vinegar
  • ½ Tablespoon poppy seeds
  1. Add ingredients to a small bowl.
  2. Whisk until creamy.
  3. Serve.

What will you be using this Poppy Seed Honey Mustard with? Let me know in the comments below.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter

how to style a maxi dress for winter, winter mom style


How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter

A long, beautiful, flowing maxi dress is perfect for warm summer days but with the right layers, you can pull one off even during the winter season. I am sharing How to Wear a Maxi Dress in Winter to look put together and stay warm.

Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are maxi dresses or maxi skirts. They are all so comfortable and easy to toss on in the morning making them ideal for busy moms. I did minimal makeup today as I usually do but you can pull off any amount of makeup and wear your hair down.

Maxi Dress

The whole outfit starts with the maxi dress. I recommend a darker shade for winter. Black or navy blue would be a good start with simple floral design for a little bit of color. Try and buy a print that matches your frame. If you are petite, look for small flowers. If you are tall and curvy, you can pull off a larger floral print. The important thing is that the dress is comfortable and something you can wear all day.

Pull the Look Together

During the summer, you just toss on some sandals with that maxi dress and run out the door. In the winter, you will need a few layers to stay cozy. Black tights or leggings should go underneath with some black booties that can handle the rain or snow. A black belt will help accentuate your waist so you can add a leather jacket over the top without losing your shape. Jewelry and a basic black bag completes the look.

What I’m Wearing

Premier Armour Long Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

Express Minus the Leather Jacket

Journee Collection Black Booties

Shein Black Tights

 Lele Sadoughi Circle Pendant Necklace


Double Buckle Stretch Belt

Stella & Dot Purse (similar)