Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes

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Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes

One thing I cannot handle is a dirty home! I’m not going to lie- I am slightly obsessed with a clean house but there isn’t always the time to keep everything spotless, especially with kids running around, so I am sharing my secrets on how to Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes with big help from my Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning solution.

Getting a new mop has been overdue- my old mop system just didn’t have enough cleaning power so I looked to Bona and their family of mops and floor cleaning products! Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is the next generation of wood floor mops engineered to maximize it’s effectiveness on hardwood floors. Add in the industry leading Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning solution for the perfect duo to help clean your home efficiently and thoroughly.

What I am loving about my Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner:

  • The durable, lightweight design is easy to maneuver with a secondary grip for comfort and extra scrubbing power.
  • Delivers a fine mist within your control to clean the floors just how you like.
  • You get a full-sized refillable cartridge of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Original Formula.
  • The redesigned mop has a larger head and redesigned for easy assembly and ejection.
  • Comes with a machine washable microfiber pad with soft flexible corners protect baseboards and furniture.

Why you should become a BonaFide Fanatic!

  1. Bigger IS Better:  Largest base plate in the industry offers a 16.75″ mop head making your mop more efficient.
  2. Efficacy: The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop combines the Bona hardwood Floor Cleaning solution and Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad in one easy device to give you just the kind of clean you want.
  3. Powerful Pad: The Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad features a unique design with dual zone cleaning action. The dark blue outer fibers break up grime while the inner light blue fibers trap and absorb dirt with 2.5X more absorbency than the previous microfiber pad.
  4. Easy Click and Clean: Easy to assemble snap and click connection makes assembly and cleaning quick and easy. The retractable handle hook allows for easy storage.
  5. Proven Cleaning Solution: The Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a fan favorite cleaning solution with a Greenguard Gold certification so it’s safe for use in your home and around your family.

How to Clean Your Home in 20 Minutes

A clean house is more than sparkling clean hardwood floors! My 20 minute cleaning session is designed to get the whole family involved in those times that family or friends call and are coming over last minute or when the mess has taken over and you have to get everyone up and working so you can have a piece of your sanity back.

The 20 minute cleaning session doesn’t involve scrubbing bath tubs or deep cleaning the freezer or anything else that takes a lot of elbow grease and time- it focuses in on those tasks that have the biggest impact on the overall appearance of cleanliness in your home. Throughout the week, I try and schedule a “big” cleaning task daily like bathing the dog and scrubbing his kennel, washing all the bedding in the house, cleaning all the windows or hand scrubbing the bath tubs. Completing one big cleaning task a day will ensure these 20 minute cleaning sessions are a breeze.

Let’s get this house cleaning party started! – Okay, so I may be exaggerating the “party”.

Begin with your checklist below- feel free to print the image and keep on the fridge to easily access. Delegate all the items on the list to everyone in the family. My 9 year old is capable of completing any tasks on the list while my 2 year old can really only pick up toys at this point so take into consideration age of your children when making your cleaning plan of action.


  • Use disinfectant wipes on everything possible from countertops, sinks and any visible mess such as smudges on vanity.
  • Wipe mirrors with a window cleaner.
  • Scrub the toilet bowl with a disinfectant cleaner. I prefer one with bleach.
  • Empty all trash cans.
  • Mop floors. Bona offers a cleaner formulated for tile, laminate and stone.


  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean countertops, smudges on cabinets and appliances (some stainless steel appliances need special cleaners).
  • Wash the sink. That sounds like an oxymoron but scrub the sink with disinfectant wipes or dish soap and a sponge.
  • Put clean dishes away and place any dirty ones into ones into dishwasher.
  • Empty trash can.
  • Mop floors using your Bona Mop with appropriate cleaner for the floors material.


  • Pick up toys and miscellaneous items.
  • Make the beds. This is a task that should be done in the morning in my household but let’s face it- it doesn’t always get done.
  • Clean the floors – depending on your floors this means vacuuming or mopping with your Bona Mop.
  • Use disinfectant wipes on anything possible – nightstands, dressers, and the jam that mysteriously found its way onto the doorknob.

Living/Family Rooms: 

  • Pick up toys and miscellaneous items.
  • Use disinfectant wipes on anything possible. We literally only have a sectional and a basket of blankets in our family room so not a lot of wiping done in there.
  • Clean the floors – depending on your floors this means vacuuming or mopping with your Bona Mop.


  • Clean the dining room table, chairs and highchairs if applicable.
  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs.
  • Mop floors using your Bona Mop with appropriate cleaner for the floors material. This includes the dining room, entryway and hallways.


#BonaHardwoodFloorMop  #WonderfulTogether #ad, 20 minute cleaning session, quick clean for guests, family cleaning

Visit the Bona page HERE and make sure to sign up to be a BonaFide Fanatic and receive free shipping plus $5 off of a mop!

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  1. I love this! I struggle with keeping my house clean (which is hard to even admit). If I can clean it up in just 20 min, then that would be a huge game changer.

    1. That’s the real task! My daughter pretty much just picks up toys at this point and sometimes she thinks she is cute pushing the mop or vacuum around but not a lot of cleaning is going on there. lol

  2. 20 minutes sounds doable. My 4 year old and I did a 10 minute blitz the other day…unfortunately, I lost her attention around minute 2! We’ll get there with more practice! Thanks for the outline!

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