Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bombs

Cupcake Bath Bombs made with basic bath bomb ingredients pressed into a silicone cupcake liner mold topped with a frosting and sprinkles.

Cupcake Bath BombsI have always enjoyed making my own beauty products, especially bath bombs. Bath bombs can get expensive when purchasing from a retailer but you can easily make them at home with a few simple ingredients for a fizzy bath experience with the color and scent of your choosing!

Cupcake Bath Bombs Supplies

You will need a handful of special supplies and ingredients, the rest are things already in your kitchen. Most of the supplies can be found at a grocery or craft store. Amazon is also a great place to order what you need!



Cupcake Bath BombsPlace  silicone liners into the muffin pan and begin mixing the Cupcake Bath Bombs. In a large mixing bowl, add 1 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup Epsom salts, 2 teaspoons of essential oil, 3 teaspoons olive oil and a drop of gel dye. I used a purple color today with fresh air scent for the base but pick any color and scent you would like!

Whisk the Cupcake Bath Bombs base ingredients well and spoon them into the silicone liners. Press down with your spoon and fill each until completely full. Make sure you firmly press the ingredients into the mold! Let the Cupcake Bath Bombs harden (wait a couple hours) and carefully remove from molds. Cupcake Bath BombsNext, begin your frosting for the Cupcake Bath Bombs. You need to work quickly with this step so get all your supplies ready. Prepare the pastry bag with large tip to the side, get the sprinkles out, and get to mixing! In a large mixing bowl, add 4 cups confectioners sugar, 3 tablespoons meringue powder with a couple drops of gel dye (I used pink today) and 5 tablespoons water. Use the hand or stand mixer to thoroughly mix until creamy and smooth.

Work quickly to use the spatula to place the frosting into the pastry bag and frost each Cupcake Bath Bomb. Frost these how you would any cupcake, just need to apply slightly more pressure because it is thicker than regular frosting. Drop sprinkles over top.

That is it! So easy and more affordable than store bought.

Cupcake Bath BombsDuring bath time, drop a Cupcake Bath Bomb in and let it fizz and dissolve. The frosting and sprinkles will take longer to dissolve but it all smells so ahhh-mazing and is such a great addition to your bath.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

I love, love, love giving little homemade gifts like this. Add your Cupcake Bath Bombs to cupcake boxes and give to your fellow mom friends or as a party favor for your teenage daughters Birthday party. You could even make these as part of a party activity for teen girls to make their own and take home. That would be super fun!

Cupcake Bath BombsCupcake Bath Bombs

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    1. Just place the “frosting” of meringue powder, water, gel dye and confectioners sugar into the pastry bag with frosting tip and frost just like you would a cupcake. It is thicker than frosting so you have to work quickly before it sets up and apply more pressure. I will double check my instructions on this section. Thanks Marissa.

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