Date Night with a Twist

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Date Night with a Twist

The husband and I just had an amazing Date Night with a Twist! With two young children at home and jobs and family and friends and the everyday chaos, we really don’t get out much. Time with just us two is slim to non existent. I found a really fun way to bring date night back with Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a Twist is a painting studio with locations all over the country. There are 2 hour classes offered with numerous types of classes from Luau Night, which is what we attended, to paint your pet and classes for children or even date nights. You can also hold private events like Birthday Parties or employee bonding out of the office.

Check out Painting with a Twist and find a location near you!


I am far from an artist. My husband has a little more skill than me in this department but you don’t have to be an artist to attend a class with painting with a Twist! I promise. Half the class had no idea what they were doing like myself but the instructor walks you through step by step so you can create a masterpiece. Well…. maybe mine wasn’t quite a masterpiece but close enough.  There was a second instructor walking around to give advice and answer questions too. Both the ladies teaching the class were so nice and made the night a great one.

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What really made our Date Night at Painting with a Twist over the top were the little things. You are allowed to bring your own wine, beer and snacks. I can definetly use a glass of wine when I get a couple hours away from the kids. No offense to my kids but they drive me bonkers. There is also a fun box with funny hats and other items to dress up and be a silly bit silly. The studio itself has paintings all over the wall that is really bright and inspiring. You get to pick your apron with funny saying and characters like my Ariel apron. The all around tone of the studio is so laid back and fun!

Everyone gets their own easel, canvas, 2 paint brushes and a variety of different colors of acrylic paints. In your online reservation, make sure to add in the names of people you want to sit next to if you are going with a group. This would be a great night out with friends or family for a truly unique experience.

My next Painting with a Twist visit will be with my oldest child and I can’t wait! This studio is child friendly and I know he will have a blast with me.

Visit Painting with a Twist to sign up for a class!


#PaintingwithaTwist, #PWATinteriors , #ad, date night , date night ideas, diy

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  1. My husband and I went to Painting with a Twist for date night too! We had such a fun time! We painted one of the pictures that you put next to each other to make one big image and we have it framed in our living room now! Such a great memory =)

  2. Sounds like a fun date night! I went to a similar painting studio for my sister’s 30th birthday party. Nothing like a roomful of women and wine (this studio served wine) and painting.

  3. I’ve been wanting to go to this place for so long. And you right, I love that you can bring your own items to snack on. That right there is probably what would make it the perfect date spot for me!

  4. That looks like so much fun! My husband and I didn’t feel like paying for a babysitter and a Paint Nite, so we turned on some Bob Ross on Netflix and painted ourselves some happy trees at home after the kids were in bed. 🙂 Your painting turned out great!

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