DIY $20 Spring Wreath

DIY $20 Spring Wreath

I am sharing a $20 Spring Wreath that is a really simple DIY project for your front door this spring.

Honestly, it is snowing today in Cincinnati but the weather has warming up and we have had some flip-flop approved days lately which means spring is near and I cannot wait! The sunshine is so close my friends. We are almost there.

DIY $20 Spring Wreath

The $20 Spring Wreath doesn’t require a glue gun or even floral wire. Just stop by your favorite craft store and pick up:

  • a $5 wreath
  • two bushes of greenery
  • four bushes of flowers (2 different types, four total)
  • ribbon (I prefer the wired ribbon)
  • wire cutters

Stores like Hobby Lobby are always on a sale rotation with departments so wait until the florals are 50% off to save money. Hobby Lobby also has a 40% off coupon online all the time for any full-priced item if you grab something not on sale.

You can buy more greenery that just the two bunches if you want a fuller look. Personally, I like seeing the sticks from the wreath popping out. Also, pick whatever is in stock or that you like. A boxwood or boxwood-like style is what I recommend.

Pick two types of faux flower bunches and grab two bunches of each. I chose a lavender and a lighter purple flower bud because the colors are really beautiful and there are multiple tones of purple that look really nice. Hold your flowers in a big bunch at the store to get an idea of how the will look put together.

You will also need a ribbon. Pick a thick wired ribbon in whatever color goes with your flowers. A burlap is always a safe pick if you aren’t sure what will match. Also, wire cutters are needed and that may be something you have in your home already or the craft store has some for a very reasonable price.

Let’s get started on our spring wreath. Find an area in your home to work at. I like to work on the floor because I can lay everything out and I find it comfortable but the dining room table is also a great place to work.

Start with your bunches of greenery and use your wire cutters to separate the bunches into smaller bunches. You can then start weaving your greenery throughout the wreath. You do this by first securing the tip of greenery bunch down in the wreath towards the center. Then take the greenery and literally weave through the sticks of the wreath spreading them out for even coverage. You don’t have to weave a lot- just enough to secure everything into place.  Repeat this until your wreath is 3/4 filled with greenery.

Once the greenery has the look you want, clip your flower bunches. Your flowers may be different than mine but start with the flowers that will more flat or are longer. My lavender happens to longer and flatter than my flower buds so they will lay very nicely.

The spring wreath is just about complete. It is time to make it pretty and bring in some beautiful color.

Push down the longer/thinner flower bunches into the wreath in the section without greenery weaved in. This is where you get to use your creativity and angle the flowers how they look best. Also, think about how the flowers are layering as you push each bunch in. You don’t want each flower to fall in the exact same spot. Some can be short or extra long, some can wonder off out of place a bit and that is all okay.

Complete your flowers and ensure each bush is secure in the wreath. If something feels loose, you can remove it and re-insert it farther or move it slightly. Nothing is glued so you can easily change your mind about placement on anything!

If you have any extra greenery pieces left, you can insert and weave them into any open spots around the wreath that look slightly bare at this point and then make your bow. Your bow can be as big and extravagant is you want or it can be simple like the one shown. Tie a bow around the middle where your flower ends meet to cover up that area.

Hang your spring wreath on your front door or in your house.

Making your own spring wreath is beautiful and saves a lot of money! I don’t say that about many crafts because it usually actually costs more money for the DIY than it is just to buy- but hey, it’s fun to do right? This wreath would cost around $65 in a store or online but only $20 to make on your own!

Are you excited for spring? Let me know what you are looking forward to in the comments below.

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