Halloween Brunch Party

Halloween Brunch Party

Halloween Brunch Party

It is time for a Halloween Brunch Party! We have some fun and spooky delicious ideas for a brunch party just for Halloween. Invite your friends, neighbors and family!

You will find ideas below for pumpkin face fruit bowls, ghostly milk cups, Halloween breakfast casserole and spider donuts to feed your ghouls.

Halloween Brunch PartyPumpkin Face Fruit Bowls

Our Halloween Brunch Party table has lot’s of treats so offer something healthy but still festive! To make these Pumpkin Face Fruit Bowls, grab some large oranges. Make sure you pick oranges that will stay on place and not roll away. Now, carve your oranges just like a pumpkin. Use a knife to open up the tops, spoon out all the “guts” and carve in a pumpkin face with eyes and a mouth. Fill the carved oranges with berries.

You don’t have to toss the orange guts inside, we ate the oranges as we scooped. You can squeeze the guts for orange juice too!

Halloween Brunch PartyA lot of putting together this Halloween Brunch Party table can be turned into a kid friendly activity depending on your child’s age. Let them help you out carving the oranges, along with helping with the rest of the ideas below. You can create a whole morning of fun Halloween activities.

When creating your party table, you don’t need a whole lot. A black sheet, some cobwebs and spiders spread throughout and whatever fun Halloween decorations you have laying around is all it takes. Add some Halloween napkins and straws for more fun!

Halloween Brunch PartyGhostly Milk Cups

All you need is a black sharpie and plastic cups filled with milk for these ghostly milk cups. Draw a ghost face with eyes and a mouth on each cup with your sharpie. Let the kids get creative, add eyelashes, bows, eyebrows, or whatever you like.

We also filled a plastic cauldron with milk on our table for refills. We place a bowl on top of another bowl into the cauldron and just filled with milk.

Halloween Brunch PartyHalloween Breakfast Casserole

Hash browns, cheese, Canadian bacon and eggs! Squeeze ketchup on the egg whites to create a spooky eye design on top.

Visit Simply Made Recipes for full ingredients and instructions.

Halloween Brunch PartySpider Donuts

Spider Donuts may be my favorite part of our Halloween Brunch Party table and the kids were soooo excited for these little spiders. All you need is glazed donuts, chocolate donut holes, candy eyes and a black frosting or icing. Place a donut hole on top of the glazed donut, use your black frosting to create 3 legs on each side of the donut hole and place eyeballs on top using the frosting to stick. So simple and the kids had so much fun creating these little guys with me.

Halloween Brunch PartyHalloween Brunch Party

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