How to Decorate a Three Tiered Tray


The farmhouse style has been huge the past few years (like you needed me to tell you that) and a really simple way to bring in some of those fun farmhouse details is by styling a three tiered tray. I am sharing How to Decorate a Three Tiered Tray so you can toss one together in your home easy-peasy.

How to Decorate a Three Tiered Tray

You can put a three tiered tray pretty much anywhere in your home! Pick a spot that has some extra, unused space to start. The bathroom, living room, kitchen island, or a dining room room buffet are all spots that work beautifully. Pick up a three tiered tray in any style you love and start building up the style by using the three categories below: Plants, Dishware and Knick-knacks.


Buy at least 3 small faux or real plants. Each tier should have at least one little burst or greenery. When at the store, walk around with the three tier tray in hand to see what fits the best!


Choose a color palate or stick to just white. I did mostly white with a touch of blue. Stoneware pieces are also beautiful options. Ramekins, small measuring bowls, sugar jar and a teapot or just the beginning. I even used a clear jar and filled it with tea bags. Think outside the box and you can probably use items in your home that don’t get much use but look beautiful that would work perfect. Spread the items along each tier and try stacking items.


Those little, pointless knick-knacks like a flying pig are some of my favorite items to buy but they start to make your home look very cluttered. Putting them into a three tiered tray in this way helps but back that cluttered look to make your house appear my organized and gives the area some more personality with with little items you love. Place one (maybe two) knick-knacks on each tier and make sure they add some depth and shape. Something circular is great, an animal shape and a small sign are what I went with.

How to Decorate a Three Tiered Tray

Now that you have some ideas of how to decorate a three tiered tray, time to get out and make one of your own! A trip to Hobby Lobby, Target, antique malls, TJMaxx/ Home Goods, or Michael’s are good places to start. Make sure to also look at items already in your home that you love and want on display. I was able to buy my tiered tray at Hobby Lobby and fill in everything from the clearance section there and add in a few pieces I had hidden away at home in cabinets.

Are you confident putting together a three tiered tray? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


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