How to Host an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

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How to Host an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

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Summertime has arrived and family fun time is on the agenda! Friday nights have been designated as our family movie night for many years. It is my way to bring the family together to bond and well…. have everyone in the same room for a moment of time. Moms, I know you understand that one.  During the summer, it is so easy to take the movie outside and lounge with snacks and watch a fun movie on a big screen. We are hosting an awesome outdoor movie night and I am sharing with you 11 tips of movie night success beginning with the snacks. We aren’t just grabbing any snack though. OREO Sandwich Cookies is what I love to buy for my family to take movie night to the next level.

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#EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night

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#EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night How to Host an Awesome Outdoor Movie Night

Whether you are having a family night or a neighborhood get together, I have 11 tips on how to host an awesome outdoor movie night! Outdoor projectors and screens can get expensive. Keep in mind that your family does not care if you spent $50 or $2,000 on your outdoor movie night. You can make this night affordable and memorable no matter your budget. It is all about he little things in life, is it not? Family outdoor movie nights is an activity that your children will remember forever. That what this motherhood stuff is all about! Here are a few tips to help your family create those great memories:

  1. Pick up OREO Sandwich Cookies in your favorite wonder vault flavor. Last year I found the OREO Red Velvet and they are heavenly! I have been keeping an eye out for them every since. The crème filling in the center reminds me of the cream cheese frosting on my favorite red velvet cupcakes. OREO Salted Caramel may be on the way to beating out my favorite Red Velvet though!
  2. Grab some MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bars because let’s be honest, what is movie night without a candy bar involved? Since MILKA OREO Chocolate Candy Bars are new, you may be wondering what they taste like. You get crunchy bits of OREO, a delicious crème filling and rich MILKA Chocolate Candy. MILKA is one of Europe’s leading chocolate brands, made with milk from the European Alps. You love OREO Sandwich Cookies and love good chocolate (who doesn’t)? I just found your new favorite candy bar. I was really impressed with how crunchy the OREO bits were inside the filling. Amazing!
  3. Get the popcorn popping. I realize my top 3 tips of movie night success involve food. I’m a foodie… clearly. #EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night
  4. Find a projector. If you don’t already own a projector, I recommend looking for a projector with a LED lamp for a longer life. Longer life equals more outdoor movie nights and the kids will want more! Also, consider what you will be connecting the projector to. Your phone, laptop, or something else? Make sure the projector will connect to the device you will be using before making the purchase. I went with a projector that was super affordable, 1080p resolution, LED, capability to connect with multiple devices and recommended for outdoor use.
  5. You need a white screen. There are many types of screens in all different dimensions you can purchase to fit your needs. You will want to look at what your projector recommends as a screen size to avoid a blurry picture. Don’t feel like you have to spend tons of money either! You can make one for free. We used a white sheet that we already owned for our screen today. The trick is to make sure your sheet is clean and pulled as tight as possible. Place the screen anywhere that is convenient. On the back of your house, in the middle of the yard, draped from the deck or whatever you can think of.
  6. Set up a cart or table with snacks and drinks. Yes, I’m talking about food again. It is a very important subject. I have a 3 tier cart that held water bottles at the bottom with ice, fun bags of popcorn in the middle and more snacks at top. Grab some small snack cups to help keep serving sizes in check. Two OREO Sandwich Cookies fit perfectly into one of these snack cups. #EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night
  7. Find comfy seating for everyone.  We brought down the patio furniture to the fire pit area so we had cushions, pillows and a level surface for the furniture. You can use lounge chairs, sleeping bags, blankets or whatever you have on hand. Invite the neighbors over too and tell them to bring their own chairs for a fun night with friends.
  8. Find speakers that connect with your projector or device being used. You need good sound but be cautious of any neighbors that may not be happy with the noise outside. You want good speakers but not THAT good. Be courteous and neighborly.
  9. Make sure to keep the bugs away! Use bug spray or citronella candles because mosquitos aren’t invited to this movie night. #EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night
  10. Pick the perfect movie. More vivid and colorful movies will appear on the projector screen better than others. Find a movie that has bright colors and fun for the family. Also, consider that the movie is outside where neighbors may hear pieces of the movie so keep it family friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  11. The projector will work better the darker it is. Turn off any outdoor lights and wait until dark to hit play. Although, you can get the party started earlier like we did with setting up the seating, snacks and a double feature. #EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night You have my tips now for hosting an awesome outdoor movie night! So make your outdoor movie plans for this weekend and have a blast. Don’t forget the OREO Sandwich Cookies to make your life “wonderfilled”!

 Which OREO Sandwich Cookies Wonder Vault flavor will you start with?

#EnterTheWonderVault ,#CollectiveBias , AD , outdoor movie night, family night


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  1. What a great idea! We love movies (and oreos) at our house too. 🙂 Thanks for the tips about choosing a projector, I really didn’t know where to start.

    1. Can’t go wrong with OREOS and movie night! I had a hard time picking a projector at first but my husband helped me out and we found a great one for a really decent price.

  2. We can’t wait to host one! We got a projector and use a large piece of white blackout material I bought years ago to make black out curtains for my kids, which never happened 🙂 I love that 3 tiered cart! I’ll have to find one.

  3. This looks like a fun summer night to remember. Your outdoor furniture is gorgeous BTW! I bet my family and friends would enjoy this. Now, if we can get a semi cool summer evening, not a sticky hot one. We could totally give this a whirl.

  4. Excellent movie night tips! We’re all about those Friday night movies at our house this summer too. We’re doing from the pool though because we live in Arizona and it’s super hot already! OREO Red Velvet are our favorite too! #client

  5. We just bought our house last fall and it is PERFECT for an outdoor movie night’ I think I will have to have some friends over and do this!

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