How to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Weather

How to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Weather

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Cold weather is approaching! Cincinnati is in that fluctuating temperature stage where one day it feels like summer and the next day is rainy and cold. This weather wreaks havoc on skin and this transition time is when you should prepare your skin for colder weather and spend some extra time pampering yourself. From the outside to within, I am sharing How to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Weather so your skin is beautiful all season long beginning with help from NIVEA® Body Lotion. My skin has always been very sensitive to changes in weather and only gets worse with age. From head to toe, I get dry, itchy skin and dandruff and chapped lips. This means I have to work hard to keep my body balanced. I have found some tricks and tips along the years that may also help you! There are 10 habits and changes you can make that all work together to help your skin look and feel amazing!

#1 Tip to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Weather

Moisturize with NIVEA

The right lotion can be your secret weapon for fighting dry skin and preparing for colder weather. Lotion helps skin by moisturizing and to appear smoother and softer. Lotion can alleviate pain of dry, cracked skin and make it appear healthy. Plus, lotion just makes you feel refreshed and beautiful. Long lasting, effective lotion is exactly what I need so I turn to NIVEA Body Lotion with 48 hour moisturizing formulations. NIVEA presents their three core lotions with an enhanced 48 hour deep moisture serum for deeply-nourished skin that lasts. Try all three varieties :

  • NIVEA Essentially Enriched Lotion for dry to very dry skin with almond oil for nourished and beautiful skin.
  • NIVEA Shea Daily Moisture Lotion for dry skin enriched with shea butter for smoother skin.
  • New NIVEA Aloe Vera Lotion for normal to dry skin in a light-weight, fast absorbing formula.

When to use NIVEA

Apply NIVEA all over the body after a shower or bath to trap in some of that water to hold moisture throughout the day for soft skin. I also like to apply NIVEA Body Lotion before bed. Bedtime is a good time to apply lotion so it can nourish the skin overnight. For itchy spots, I like to apply the NIVEA Aloe Vera Lotion in problem areas for the soothing effect of the aloe vera to calm that irritated skin quickly. Nighttime is also when I like to pamper myself a bit while drinking a cup of hot chamomile tea as I file my nails and prepare for bed. Take care of yourself inside and out by just taking a few extra minutes at night or anytime during the day to focus on YOU. Good skin comes from a balance within and out so achieving that balance includes your mental health! Great Ways to Pamper Yourself:

  • Enjoy a hot drink. Adding in some local honey to tea may also help reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.
  • Meditate or do some yoga to relax your mind and body.
  • Take a walk through a nature path to take care of your mind.
  • Buy yourself something nice. Fresh flowers, a cashmere scarf or the hottest fall nail polish color are just a few ideas.
  • Put on your favorite music.
  • Watch a romantic comedy.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure.
  • Read a book.
  • Treat yourself to something at your favorite bakery.
  • Apply lotion all over your body to make yours skin feel soft.

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More Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Colder Weather


Help to hydrate the air in your home with a humidifier. When we heat our homes, that heat pulls out the moisture causing a low humidity area. Low humidity can cause dry skin, nose bleeds, and other issues like respiratory distress. A humidifier puts the moisture back into the air helping to keep your body balanced and skin happy. A humidifier can also help with sinus congestion and static in the air. Our home has a furnace mounted humidifier for the entire home but looks at humidifier options available to pick the best one for you and your family.


Sunscreen is meant to be used year round. Outside may be chilly but UV rays are still present so don’t skip the sunscreen. I use a facial moisturizer with SPF and SPF makeup to layer on the extra protection on the face. Consider your entire body and what could be exposed to sun to apply a SPF. Hands, lips, ears are areas that also need sunscreen.

Protect the Lips

Use a lip balm frequently to protect the lips from drying out too much from the cold weather. Make sure applying a lip balm before bed is part of your nighttime routine and never lick your lips, or peel off dried areas. If your lips begin to crack, treat with ointment immediately to begin the healing process.

Luke Warm Showers

Hot showers feel amazing, right? So relaxing and soothing after a long, cold day. The steamier the better. Well, your skin may be suffering! Steer away from the hot showers because they can cause dry, itchy skin. Lukewarm or even cold showers are best to put moisture back into your skin. If your skin appears red after a shower, the temperature is too hot and should be reduced. Long, hot baths should also be avoided and be aware of handwashing during the day. Washing hands during the day frequently with hot water can dry the skin and cause redness. On the topic of shower time, consider what shampoo you are using. Should you switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo during the colder months? If your scalp is itchy or flaking, switching shampoos can help eliminate the scalp irritation.

Dress Properly

Protect your skin from the harsh cold, brutal winds, sun and rain by dressing properly for the weather outside. Thick socks, gloves, scarves, waterproof boots, hats are all essential wardrobe pieces during the colder months. Dressing in layers can help protect your skin during the early Fall when the mornings are cold but the afternoons warm up a bit. Pay attention to the weather report and dress accordingly. Go ahead and treat yourself to those new boots you want or gorgeous leather gloves! You can be stylish and dress properly for the weather. Remember, when you look great, you feel great!


Hydrate from within. Drink water all day, everyday, year round. During the colder months as the air gets drier, the need for water consumption is vital. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You don’t have to drink just ice cold water either. A warm cup of herbal tea can replace a glass of water. Try green tea or chamomile which can help your skin in more ways than just hydration. Caffeinated drinks may dehydrate you so stick non-caffeinated tea and other beverages. Need your morning cup of coffee? Go for it but consume an extra glass of water with that coffee to counteract the dehydrating results.

Balanced Diet

Your diet has a huge affect on your skin. You are what you eat, right? So stick to foods that help hydrate your skin. Salmon, nuts, avocado, olive oil, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, and grapefruit are all foods that help moisturize the skin and are all-around healthy foods to consume on a regular basis. Stay away from too much dairy, sugar (think about carbohydrates with high sugar such as bagels), salty foods, processed foods (typically anything canned or boxed) and caffeine.


A multivitamin can be beneficial in conjunction with a balanced diet. Look for a vitamin with high Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids for the colder months.

Stay Active

Everyone knows that physical activity helps with the health of lungs, muscles and heart. Exercise also helps your skin by decreasing your stress level and increasing blood flow. Your blood is what carries oxygen and nutrients throughout every cell in the body, including the skin. Find an exercise routine through the fall season that works for you and stick to it for overall wellness and gorgeous skin. When exercising outside, make sure to wear sunscreen and protect your body from the elements. Always use a gentle facial cleanser after a workout to unclog pores. Prepare your skin for colder weather, not just with a balanced diet or daily sunscreen application, but all 10 of these skincare tips mentioned above. Great skin comes from all these habits working together to give you glowing, hydrated skin throughout the year. Visit Rite Aid to pick up a 48 hour moisturizing NIVEA Body Lotion to get you through the colder months and to find amazing products for self care to pamper yourself and take care of YOU as a WHOLE. Do you have some great tips to prepare your skin for colder weather? Share in the comments below and also tell me how you pamper yourself during this time of year.

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