Long Leopard Cardigan


It is that time of year for some comfortable, effortless outfits like this look with a Long Leopard Cardigan. The kind of outfit you can toss on and head out in with cold, rainy weather- this is it.

February through April are sort of downer months for me. All the cold and rain and just being SO OVER winter and so ready for spring I just tend to reach into the wardrobe for more comfortable outfit solutions. A t-shirt, jeans, my go-to black booties, an effortless cardigan and add in some fun with matching mommy and me beanies.

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Long Leopard Cardigan

Kenzie Black Booties

American Eagle Button Up Jeans

Espresso then Prosecco Tee

Matching Hats

Long Leopard Cardigan

This outfit is really all about this Long Leopard Cardigan found on Amazon for only $29.99. It comes in other colors like pink but I went with Espresso to match a lot of outfits. I love this paired with black leggings and a black top for another effortless style.

Find some kids leopard print also! 

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