My OREO Creation

#ad, My OREO Creation, Dessert, #MyOREOCreation #Contest #MyOREOWM

My OREO Creation

My OREO Creation just kicked off and I am over the moon! You can call me a huge fan of OREO Cookies. Give me the Double Stuffed, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, Minis…. I don’t care. I love them all!

#ad, My OREO Creation, Dessert, #MyOREOCreation #Contest #MyOREOWM

Wait…what? You don’t know what the My OREO Creation is? I am getting ahead of myself here. My OREO Creation is an awesome contest where you get to develop the next OREO Cookie flavor. If that fact isn’t cool enough, you happen to get $500,000 in cash and a trip to New York City. That’s a major cash prize, ya’ll.  I already have my new house, car and wardrobe picked out in my head over here.

Find out more about the My OREO Creation Sweepstakes!

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No PURCH NEC. 50 US/D.C./PR 18+.
Enter by: 7/14/17. Rules:


My OREO Creation

For all those who have been following me here at Leggings ‘N’ Lattes for a bit, you know how much I love to cook and create new recipes. I feel like I am meant to win a contest like this. Here is the sticky part though: coming up with a NEW flavor that hasn’t been done. I was thinking about Cookie Dough. Doh! Done. Mocha! Done. Cotton Candy, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry Pie. All done before. There is even a Root Beer Float flavor.

For inspiration, I went to my local Walmart for a My OREO Creation in-store demo to sample some delicious OREOS and grab extra savings. There are 20 varieties of OREO offered at Walmart. 20! Holy cow.


My OREO Creation

As I walked through Walmart and picked up some goodies (shown below), I got to thinking about what my favorite OREO Cookies have been. Birthday Cake OREO Cookies and Cookie Dough OREO Cookies topped the list. Red Velvet is pretty high up there too.

Then, it hit me.

My idea was obvious.

I am creating a Birthday Cake Cookie Dough OREO Cookie with an infusion of the best.

By the way, I know you are eye balling that Jelly Donut OREO package. Oh yes, there is a genius out there that created these babies.


My OREO Creation

I would love to hear about your My OREO Creation idea in the comments below and don’t forget to enter the contest!

Keep in my mind I get 20% of your cash prize if your idea is developed over mine. Just kidding. You better send me a photo of the sweet ride you bought with that dough!


My OREO Creation

Better get back to enjoying my OREO Cookies. I mean, working. I’m working.

Catch you later mamas!


#ad, My OREO Creation, Dessert, #MyOREOCreation #Contest #MyOREOWM

This post is sponsored by OREO, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Sweepstakes: No PURCH NEC. 50 US/D.C./PR 18+. Enter by: 7/14/17. Rules:

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