Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium

Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky is a must see attraction for kids and adults with an amazing shark exhibit and hands on activities for the kids. Located at Newport on the Levee with views of the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati.

Leggings ‘N’ Lattes has added a new category of posts to our homepage for travel! Exciting, right? Look for future posts on where to eat and what to see in cities all over the US starting with the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky that is just minutes from Cincinnati.

This is our first year while living in Cincinnati that we haven’t had a membership to the Newport Aquarium but we heard some buzz around the new attraction for the Giant Pacific Octopus that went into the jellyfish area. Obviously, we had to check it out during Spring Break! Plus, the aquarium is always great for rainy days like this one.

The Must See Exhibits at Newport Aquarium

Stingray Hideaway : So many stingrays! You will be able to view stingrays wherever you are in Stingray Hideaway and explore the tunnel where they surround you.

Penguin Palooza : The penguin exhibit needs to be updated but I am a sucker for penguins. Who isn’t? Penguins are so adorable and funny. There are shows done all day long to learn more about the penguins at the Newport Aquarium.

Shark Ray Bay : Shark Ray Bay is the highlight of the Newport Aquarium. There are multiple spots to view the sharks and other species, like turtles. You just have to see it!

Activities You Won’t Want to Miss

Tide Pool Touch : Fact. Kids like to touch everything. Tide Pool Touch allows you to touch various sea creatures and someone is there answering questions and educating you on the species you see.

Dive Shows : Shark Ray Bay Theatre has dive shows where you can learn about the different species at the Aquarium and even ask questions. One of our favorite dive shows is Santa! The diver dresses like Santa and a show is put on in the shark tank. It is a lot of fun and I recommend checking it out during the holiday season.

Shark Bridge : The shark Bridge is a newer attraction that the kids love. You can walk over the shark tank overlooking the waters. My son was hesitant the first time but it is one of his favorite things to do now.

The families favorites this visit were the seahorses. My daughter is obsessed with unicorns and horses at the moment and the seahorse got her all excited. Even though we had to wait in line for awhile at the Shark Bridge, I think that was also one of our favorites!

I hate to say it but the new Octopus attraction left us underwhelmed. So, don’t have too high of expectations but it was nice to see that area of the aquarium cleaned up and updated.

Tips for Your Visit to Newport Aquarium

  • Buy your tickets in advance. On busy days, the Newport Aquarium is packed! You may be given an entry time hours from when you bought your ticket so buy ahead of time for less headache.
  • At one point in time- no strollers were allowed during the weekends or busy hours! This is actually the reason we don’t have an annual membership anymore because who wants to carry around a one year old for 2 hours? Yea, not me. I do not think this rule applies anymore because I saw plenty of strollers on our visit. Just in case this rule is still enforced at times, be prepared and baby carriers are available at the front doors.
  • Even if you bought tickets in advance and have an entry time, there may be a wait to get in. Dress for the weather because you may be waiting outside for a bit.
  • Make plans to visit one of the restaurants on the Levee after the aquarium. Dewey’s Pizza and Five Guys are close by. Brio is on the more expensive side but also a great pick.
  • As a first time visitor, parking may be confusing. Go ahead and park in the Levee parking garage and go up to P1 for the Newport Aquarium. You will have to pay for parking, which ranges on price during specific hours. Expect to pay $2-$8.

The Newport Aquarium has all kinds of extra activities and events. During the fall, you can meet mermaids who also swim in the tanks. Sleepovers are offered, you can have an up close encounter with penguins, host Birthday parties or other events and more!

Check out the Newport Aquarium website by clicking HERE for hours of operation and more information!

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    1. I think it is worth a little trip to get there. The kids always enjoy places like this and the levee is a fun place to walk around and eat after.

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