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skincare routine

Rock Your Skin Care Routine! I am a 30 something now and skincare is getting more and more important as the years go by. First rule! Start a great skin care routine early, especially sunscreen and moisturizers! It will pay off later ladies. I started doing masks, exfoliators, and more aggressive anti aging products in my mid 20’s. You will notice that I use a lot of Olay products and I have been since my 20’s.  Olay is gentle and great for sensitive skin and trust me my skin knows sensitivity. I was not born with natural beautiful skin. I have flaws and have to put some work into this beauty regime. People tell me I have beautiful skin all the time and I laugh to myself… they are probably just being nice.

Let us talk about some pointers and how to rock your skin care routine!



The daily routine is pretty basic and simple. Find a gentle cleanser that works for you. Even at my age, I get pesky little breakouts so I do use an acne treated cleanser in the morning. If acne isn’t an issue for you (I secretly hate you just a little) then go with something simple and gentle. Cetaphil is great. Cetaphil is what I frequently use before bed. So acne treated cleanser in the morning (Acne Free is what I use at the moment) and Cetaphil at night. If you don’t worry about breakouts, Cetaphil once in the morning and once at night.

In the morning, after the cleanser, use a toner (I use the Acne Free) followed by a good moisturizer with SPF. Moisturizer is everything! Find one that works for you! I have been using Olay with SPF in it for many, many years. Probably since high school and my skin responds really well to it.

At night, remove ALL your make up. Clinique has a great make up remover (Clinique Remove The Day) which is what I typically use but am out of at the moment so I have been using these wipes shown above. Need to get to the mall or order from Amazon. Love Amazon Prime. That isn’t even an affiliate link plug either. < getting off topic Amber!> Cleanse your face. Immediately after cleansing, apply a retinol eye cream and a night moisturizer. If I do not use my Olay Total Effects Night Pore Perfector, I wake up looking 10 years older. I wish I was kidding. I flip flop with the eye creams. I have used everything there is but always come back to Olay Ultimate Eye Cream because it is affordable, convenient and gets the job done.



Weekly skin care routine should include some face masks. I use a charcoal mask once a week. Right now I am using the Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask which is nice because it has the charcoal and the exfoliator rolled into one. Once or twice a week, I use St. Ives Even and Bright exfoliator.

Once a week, you should also be exfoliating your entire body! Head to toe. What I have found that works best is actually making it homemade. Follow link HERE to find out more on how to make a homemade scrub.  Also, try to use my pumice once week on my heels. My mani/pedi lady thanks me.

What the heck does charcoal do? Charcoal draws out impurities in the skin, cleansing those pores. Helpful for acne prone skin.

Why all the exfoliating?  For instant smooth skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells on the surface. As we age, the exfoliation process slows. Oh goodie! So exfoliation becomes more important as we get older so the dry, dead skin cells aren’t building up.

Once a week, we also need to be changing our sheets. Wash all your bedding! This is very important. Sweat, dead skin cells, body oil and who knows what other gross things are making a home in your sheets. Obviously, laying in your sweat every night isn’t good for your skin. Plus, nothing helps you sleep better at night than laying in freshly cleaned sheets. I use the lavender scent detergent, recommended.



How can we rock our skin care routine just once a month? Clean your make up brushes. I use Elf brush cleaner. It’s affordable (like a couple bucks) and works well. You also want to get a professional facial that is designed for your skin. It is best to speak with your esthetician or skin care specialist to figure out what facial is best for you!

Once a month, get your eyebrows threaded. Notice I am using the words threaded, not waxed. Waxing can be rough on the skin and cause inflammation. Anyone else have bright red eye lids after getting waxed for like 5 hours? I can’t be the only with sensitive skin. Go with the threading to ensure you aren’t damaging your skin.


skincare routine


Daily habits may be the most important part of rocking your skin care routine. Drink a ton of water! The more water you can drink, the better. We are made up of mostly water and need it for digestion, absorption of nutrients,  circulation and so on. We could talk about it all day. The point is, drink water!

The most important Vitamin for your skin is probably Vitamin D. The best way to get Vitamin D is from sunlight! So wait. Wear a SPF and go in the sun? The answer is yes. I am not telling you to go lay by the pool for 10 hours today or plop yourself in a tanning bed. No, just 10 minutes a day outdoors is all it takes which would cover walking the dog around the block.

How else can you rock your skin care routine all the time? Lip balm ( Burt’s Bee is my fave), getting plenty of sleep, and avoiding hot showers that dry you out. Moisturize your entire body when getting out of the shower.  Kiehl’s lotions are amazing! A little on the spendy side but worth it.

Mama’s, I hear you complaining about that sleep part but do your best!


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What are your favorite products to help you rock your skin care routine? Any amazing mask recommendations?

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  1. My favorite reminder in this post is just how important hydration is to skin care! It’s crazy how much more alive my face looks when I’m drinking plenty of water 🙂

  2. Sounds like Olay has some good products. I’ll have to try them, I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products! Great post!

    1. I always use a scrub at night. I feel like it helps to wash away all the dirt from the day, get rid of the dead skin cells and you wake up with your skin feeling and looking renewed.

      1. Amber,
        Thanks for reply.
        Actually after reading your article I am so impressed that I also made a similar schedule for face care.
        As i understand your morning schedule is
        cleanser–> toner–> moisturizer
        for night is
        cleanser–>eye cream–> moisturizer

        Then when do you apply scrub in night before cleanser or after ?
        When do you use St. Ives Even scrub and charcoal scrub…

        Also tell me whether to wash the face any time during the day..

        Review my schedule n Give few more tips if any .



      2. When i use the scrub, i dont use a cleanser. Just scrub after removing make up and then toner and eye cream and night cream/moisturizer. If you have acne, the Acne Free lotion can be added in after the toner, its great. Use the scrub twice a week and a mask once a week. I never wash my face during the day. My understanding why not to is that too much washing and chemicals mess with your natural oil production and make your face breakout more. So if you are oily, blot the oil with a pad (there are products sold for this). If you work out middle of day and sweat a ton and need to reapply makeup or something for night, wash with something gentle like the Cetaphil and apply moisturizer again but try to avoid washing too much. Really great questions! Its all about finding the balance for skin. When i was younger, when i had a breakout i would wash my face like crazy! My skin cleared up when i quit the crazy and focused on just a gentle cleanse and moisturizer. My face was breaking out because the blance was off, i dried it too much. There are many factors in skin health besides balance… medications, hormones, poor air quality, stress which could be part of hormones, makeup that your skin doesnt agree with, diet, so on. This routine for skincare is a great start, along with tons of water consumption. If you still arent satisfied after a month of this routine, start looking at other factors and a trip to a dermatologist could be your grace.

      3. Hi skin is vry sensitive and dry… Plz suggest me which product will suit on my skin… Plz tell me best cleanser toner moisture nd eye cream night moisture and scrub… Plzz tell me if I does use any product suffered from pimples… I can’t use any product..

      4. Have you tried Cetaphil products for a cleanser? I like the bar facial soap because I have really sensitive skin too and it always worked really well without being a really strong (and drying!) acne treatment. I feel like toners are all pretty much the same… I have never had a reaction to one that made me break out or dry out. Dr. Brandts microdermabrasion might be a good exfoliator to try out just a couple times a week…. it is spendier than St Ives but is a really great product and the small bottle will last a long time. Dry skin and breakouts is hard ( I have the same skin issues) and keep in mind acne products often dry your skin out too much and causing an imbalance which leads to more breakouts. Make sure to use a good moisturizer (I love Olay) in the morning and a good moisturizing night cream at bed (again, I use the Olay). A visit to a dermatologist could give you a lot of great information also about what your skin needs and what direction to go for your skincare routine because there at be some other factors to take in consideration like hormones (for example). Oh and drink a ton of water… I know you hear it all the time… but it really does help bring more moisture to the skin and make it look so much healthier.

  3. Thanks a ton ..Amber for your reply…
    One last i know i have had taken lot of your time..

    I have bigger problem of dark circles….the eye cream which you have mentioned does it really gives good results…pls. let me know…bcoz i found lot of mixed reply on the Olay review page…this information is needed becoz the Olay cream with retinol is very costly here…so wanted a genuine reply…

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