The Fall Athleisure Must Haves

The Fall Athleisure Must Haves


The mom uniform is athleisure -year round- but especially during the fall season. There are so much to get done this time of year and we are on the go non stop so athleisure is perfect! Not to mention the fact that athleisure is still majorly in style so you can look stylish while being comfortable. I am sharing The Fall Athleisure Must Haves today to cover everything head to toe.

Sneakers | Compression Leggings | Vest | Sweater | Hat


Black athletic leggings are a must own… actually owning a few is a must. Look for little details to add more style- pockets, mesh panels, cut outs, moto, ties…


Have a sports bra or two that can be worn all day with comfort. I recommend a bra sized sports bra for the perfect fit.


Leggings, running shoes and a slouchy sweater is all it takes to toss on in the morning and run out the door.


A good vest is a must when it starts to get chilly outside. Warm, comfortable and a nice fitted vest can go with any casual athleisure look.


A utility jacket, leather jacket or rain coat are all good options for a lightweight fall jacket.


Can you ever have too many hoodies? I mean, really? I love layering my hoodies with a vest over for extra comfort.


Your dry shampoo is tired…. a baseball cap is an easy solution to a bad hair day and totally stylish!


I love black and white sneakers because they go with anything and I have a lot of black in my closet but go with any sneakers you love.


A good bag for athleisure is casual and easy to wear. Consider a crossbody bag or a backpack.

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