The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Floor Care

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The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Floor Care

This post is sponsored by Bona® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hardwood floors bring such a warm, inviting feel to your home with all the earthy tones. These floors are both beautiful and durable and require just a little maintenance. Here is The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Floor Care to keep your floors looking their best and last a lifetime with help from Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner.


You need the right tools to get the job done! There are various types of mops on the market from string mops to steam mops and choosing which is best can be confusing! I clean with Bona Microfiber Mop for Hard-Surface Floors to ensure my floors look amazing. The Bona mops are easy to handle, lightweight and the flat mop design gets into all those tight spaces making dusting, mopping and polishing the floors super easy.


I want products that are tried and true! Bona has been providing homeowners with quality flooring products for nearly 100 years. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is an unique formulation created to be effective and provide a complete clean by gently but effectively removing dirt and grime. The fan favorite cleaning solution has a GREENGUARD GOLD certification so you know it is safe for the family and pets. You will find the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner dries quickly without leaving any residue.

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Between thorough cleanings, spot clean to remove dirt and grime. This dirt can cause scratches to the floor. Sweep as often as possible and if you see something on the floor- clean it up right away.


The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Floor Care wouldn’t be complete without a list of ways to protect your floor. A good hardwood cleaner is essential for protecting your beautiful investment but here are some ways to extend the life of your floors even longer with everyday habits or small changes in your home.


The hardwood floors should always be protected with a barrier between the floor and anything else. All furniture should have felt pads attached to the bottoms and rugs are perfect for high traffic areas like hallways or under the dining room table where chairs are being moved daily. Rugs should have pads underneath to both prolong the life of the rug and protect the hardwood. Look for a waffle design on the pad with cushioning and great grip that are breathable and won’t trap moisture.


Sunlight coming through the windows can do some major damage to hardwood floors causing sun fading. All windows should have blinds and also a window film with UV protection. Your windows may even have built in UV protection.


During the colder months, moisture in the air reduces greatly. The dryness can cause cracks or gapping in hardwood flooring. A humidifier can help put moisture into the air of your home to reduce these issues.


We love our pets but they can do major damage all around the house, including those beautiful hardwood floors. Potty accidents and nails need to be taken care of. Clean any pet accidents up immediately and keep nails well maintained and short.


Don’t wear shoes on the hardwood. Shoes can leave scuffs and scratches. Have a designated area to place shoes for family members and guests that is convenient and won’t harm the hardwood.


Clean the outside of the house to reduce the amount of dirt that comes inside. Sweep the porch, place a welcome mat and maintain overall cleanliness around all the doors. The less dirt tracked in- the less dirt there is to clean.

Keep Floors Dry

Water can damage floors very quickly. A leaky dishwasher, a glass of spilled water or even just a wet pair of kids boots placed on the hardwood floors can turn into an “UH-OH”. Don’t let your floors get wet and if they do- dry them immediately. Ignoring water on floors can leave to the wood warping, buckling and even mold forming.


Polish your hardwood floors every 2-4 months. Polish adds shine, fills in scratches and adds a protective layer of finish to the hardwood floor. Try Bona Hardwood Floor Polish for a quick, easy, fast drying polish that is GREENGUARD Certified.

Remove Dirt Before Mopping

Get up all the dirt before mopping by sweeping or vacuuming. Mopping before doing so can damage the floor from debris leaving scratches. Also, mopping will be a much easier task.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Maintenance of your hardwood floors is key to protecting their beauty. Stick to a cleaning schedule! This schedule is easy and since Bona supplies us with the right tools and cleaners, accomplishing this is easy-peasy.


Dust and sweep visible dirt and grime.


Vacuum the hardwood to remove excess dirt that sweeping may have left behind and mop with Bona.


A few times a year, polish the hardwood floors. Every few years, sand and refinish the floors by removing the outer protective layer and replacing it to get rid of deep scratches leaving you with a gorgeous floor.

The Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Floor Care

My house is a zoo! Two rambunctious kids, two adults, two cats, a dog and ferret tear through this house daily and my easy cleaning schedule for the floors keeps me on track. These 50 year old hardwood floors in my home, take just a little care and attention with a helping hand from Bona.

Do you have any tips to keep your hardwood floors immaculate? Let me know in the comments below.

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