Why You Need the Petcube for Your Home

Why You Need the Petcube In Your Home, #petcube, #ad, pets

Why You Need the Petcube for Your Home

This shop was given this item from Petcube. This color was personally picked by me and all opinions are mine alone. #petcube

The Petcube Play is a small device that allows you to speak, play and watch your pets from your smartphone anytime. The Petcube offers 1080p HD video, night vision, 2-way audio, and laser. Also available in multiple colors like this rose gold to blend in seamlessly into your home décor.

We should begin with some background of my pets. Today, my models are Chance and Sandy. Chance is a lab-boxer mix with some serious separation anxiety issues. Sandy is my sons ferret who thinks she is cat.

Chance is the perfect dog – obedient, protective, sweet and well mannered….. while we are home. Once we leave the house, he is a completely different dog. Here is a list of some damage that has occurred while home alone:

  • Has ripped apart not one but 4 sets of wooden blinds. I gave up on blinds and now just have curtains.
  • Has torn the framework/molding off the door leading into the garage. We had to completely replace it all.
  • Has gnawed apart not one but 3 door knobs. I don’t even know how he accomplishes this.
  • Countless loafs of bread, boxes of crackers and so on have gone completely missing with just a small shred of the box left as evidence.

I am sure if I sat here for a bit longer, I could think of many, many more damages that have occurred while we have been out. The Petcube Play gives us the opportunity to spy on our dog while we away. I downloaded the Petcube app on my smartphone and connected the device within seconds to stream a live feed where I can play with the laser or speak to him. Pretty cool, right?

Here is some live footage testing out the Petcube Play while I was in the other room to see how Chance would react. You can see that my daughter had equally as much fun playing with the Petcube! The picture and sound quality is great and the laser is easy to handle from your smartphone. Check it out below:



Sandy got some playtime too. She is a busy little ferret with loads of energy. My son as curious what she does at night while everyone is sleeping. We propped up the Petcube to overlook the cage to take a peak in at her. The night picture quality is great! We tried to play with the laser but she wasn’t all that interested in it. She was curious for a moment and went back to the hammock to nap. Check out the footage below:


Why You Need the Petcube for Your Home

My overall impression on the Petcube Play is that it is a really fun product for pet owners. You can check on your pets while at work and say hello or play with them during your lunch hour with the laser. The Petcube always also acts as a simple security system and will alert you with new movement which is nice while you are away from the home to have notification if something is going on. You can log into the live feed and see what the Petcube sees at anytime.

There is also a large Petcube community within the app. Once you have created your account, you can connect with other pet owners or keep private. I was hesitant at first about connecting by device within the community but I realized you can set it as private and share it with only people you approve.

Check out the Petcube website HERE for more information on the different products offered!

Why You Need the Petcube In Your Home, #petcube, #ad, pets

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  1. This is such a cool gadget! My dog is pretty cool when we leave him home alone, but on rare occasions, he will get into the trash and leave a complete mess for us to come back home too. It would be great to tell him no, and prevent the mess from even happening. And although we do leave music playing for him, and open the blinds for him to see outside while we are out, it would be nice to check in on him! I’m sure he’d love that too!

  2. OH, MY! I need this petcube desperately! Thanks for sharing this super helpful info! I need to constantly check up on of my dogs since she recently developed the habit of chewing (and destroying) shoes, and pillows, and anything she finds! Thanks for this!

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